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Traumatic brain injury and psychedelics?

Migrated topic.


On another forum, I was just asked about the risks/benefits associated with psychedelic medicines with a person with TBI resulting from a stroke. I did a search here and didn't come up with any specifics.

I do not know the current state of health of the person in question, but if any other info is needed, can ask.

Thanks for any input or direction.
Strictly speaking a traumatic brain injury requires the 'application' of an external mechanical force; with this in mind, a stroke would be regarded as a non-traumatic injury.

I think more details are required about the case in question in order to clarify what is actually meant.
I would also think the blood pressure difference caused by some psychedelcs (DMT) might play a role in the safety of someone post-stroke. A good person to ask would be a doc/neuroligst.
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