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treating spidermite contaminated cacti

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Hi cacti people:)
This is my first post in this section.

I recently discovered that a lot of my cacti, especially seedlings, have spider mites. I got aware of them after noticing, how unusually many seedlings die and have white spots.

With plants I use tobacco tea from raw leaves, sprayed on the leaves over the course of two weeks - That works fine.
But I don`t know about cacti - Does anyone here have experience and successful methods to get them off my cacti?

That would be of great help
Thank you:)

EDIT: I just saw the thripse thread..I could have asked there..

Glad you found the thrips thread :)
I used neem oil to successfully kill spidermite on a mature pedro. I would recommend using an emulsion on seedlings as the alcohol solution that I had hastily prepared resulted in some burns on the surface of the plant where drips could accumulate.
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