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Triggered by remarks which led to personal growth

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Stay completely Open and Fluid if you wan't to evo
This is in reference to a post by Null24 in 'Open Discussion' Titled: 'Bad decisions and DMT production: interesting LEO quote'. You can find it here.

First I want to thank you Null24 for making your post and sharing knowledge as well as your personal opinions. if we were all the same, it would be such a boring planet!

Secondly is I want to thank you for making what I interpreted as a biased statement against certain groups on facebook. The statement I am referring to is

A quick look at any of the Facebook groups proliferating across that platform promoting themselves with names that resonate with spiritual, scientific or therapeutic significance reveals that they are mostly open-web drug markets.

I am not saying 'thank you' in a sarcastic way, but truthfully. This statement triggered something deep inside me and for this I am thankful as it gives me an opportunity to dig deep, look inside and find the source allowing me to acknowledge it, except it, and let it go to bring me to yet a higher frequency vs reacting and becoming mad.

This statement I interpreted as biased (without judgement), which maybe wasn't your intention, lacks weight from my personal experience; it appears to categorize most all these groups which are made of many souls, as 'mostly open-web drug markets', and maybe my interpretation is not what you were projecting, but it was good for me :)

Maybe you experienced some groups that you are describing first hand, did you?

I'm not saying they don't exist, I'm sure they do; I am saying everything I've experienced and participated in at the core levels, which were quit a few of these groups were not within this description that was given.

Again thanks for your input as it helped me grow again and please, no offense to my interpretation. I don't see anything as right or wrong, it just is :).

With Universal Love and Light
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