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Trip 003. 12mg

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Prepped with 1.5 grams SR.

The first images I saw were snakes. Lots of snakes covered in swirling patterns. I told myself to be unafraid and go towards them. The snakes turned into mind flayers and images similar to Cthulhu. The motif of all the patterns and shapes was like the artwork of Hans Rudi Giger. The images that came after were utterly abstract. There are no words to describe most of what I saw. I didn't see any of the prior cultural touchstones.

I picked up on my first disembodied voices and sounds. The sounds were strange; very Sci-fi. Deep undulating warbles that echoed all around, like they were bouncing around the inside of a cave. Then I heard a calm female voice: "You must decide which World..." I tuned into her voice in astonishment, and it vanished in a digital disintegration. Did she finish her sentence? Was there more?

There were some clear images and scenes. I was at the bottom of an enormous dome, looking up. At the top of the dome was an opening filled with white light. I saw a man or boy fall through the opening towards me. I think the man is me, but somehow different. The image vanishes, but then I feel like I am physically falling, like that moment after you crest the big one on a rollercoaster.

I become deeply relaxed after the peak. I slip into hypnagogic imagery that mixes with the DMT imagery. I lose track of which is which. I emerge with a deep feeling of peace and bewilderment.

I cannot get that woman's voice out of my head.
Was this from 1.5g of Syrian rue and 12mg of dmt, I've always been interested in pharmahuasca but never tried, is this considered a strong dose
Sounds totally amazing. Giger is actually a great reference for the DMT architecture motifs. The snakes seem to recall a sort of Kundalini feminine essence, perhaps even the many-armed Kali, liberator of souls, destroyer of ego.

I'm very new to all of this a well, piecing it all together from states of distilled awe. Look forward to hearing more of your journeys.
With three journeys under my belt in the 10-12mg range, I wanted to try 5mg as a reference point, and to see if I can map anything out with more conventional consciousness at my disposal.

My expectations were that I would feel a change in mood and some small distortions in my visual field.

Rather, trip 004 (5 mg) produced strong visuals. At one point an animal that looked like a moray eel lunged at me with bright white fiery eyes, paused, and retreated when I stood my ground. It was astonishing.

The somatic effects were very nice. A warm soothing sensation pulsing through my arms and into my chest. I became deeply relaxed.

My ego was very much more present for all of this. It repeatedly inserted thoughts such as "This is weird. This drug is bizarre. How strange is all of this?" It was very persistent, very intrusive. My ego was working very hard at talking me out of everything I was seeing. I was also very aware of my body, but with bewildering time/space distortions (I am here, I am there, I am now, then).

I came away with a great experience on how the ego mediates my experiences. When I am awake and sober, it fully manages the bath of reality's signals and creates what it wants me to experience from them. The more the ego is removed, the more direct experience I can absorb. Taking a small, 5mg, step away from my ego allowed me to more clearly witness its control over me.
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