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Trip Report.

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Not very good with these trip reports but I will give it a go.

Tail end of a fun night was at home and had 210ug and I was like fuck it why not. About 12am at the time. My most recent lsd trips have all been 100ug so in my mind I "knew" that it was not an copious amount but more than my most recent trips. I started it the way I start majority of my lower end trips, sitting at my computer jamming to music with my guitar sometimes without. and the only thing I remember is hearing Hell Awaits by slayer and saying to my self NO nope nope turning the computer off and.... well the rest just happened.

Im still very fresh writing this around 12.55pm and I can remember only small snippets of what happened between that moment and me starting to awaken from this experience. I remember at one point being on my bed laying down in some-way-or-another and turning my head and thinking this is the one youre dead /and/or dieing but then it all faded away again. Then again either at the same time or another who knows but this time I hear the sizzling and churn of the dmt come up somewhere in the background almost like cosmic radiation. In my experience with lsd music has always played an extremely important role and whilst I can not be sure The entire time I was "dieing" Anthem of the sun by the grateful dead was playing. And if you have heard it you know its a doosie. I feel as though the whole experience may have been a tip toe along the edge of the abyss of death or as some may call it ego death. But I managed to pull together everything I had all the will power and I didnt fall over that edge I stood at it and watched.

I guess my point here is that I was absolutely floored by these 2 hits of lsd and I was very surprised that the 2 hits were sufficient enough to show me the cliff edge and bring me back.

Just felt I had to put something together. Thanks :) 😁
Yup, sounds like a doozy! I've actually never had a strong lsd experience so I can't quite relate. In my most intense aya experience I definitely felt like I might be dying, but it wasn't the physical sensation that made me feel that way, it was just feeling that my consciousness was disembodied.

I too find music on journeys to be critical. I love to play, but find that impossible on strong doses of anything but cannabis.
Oh yeah, i can recall that those first acid trips, ramping the dose, got interesting here and there. It is always nice to hear when somebody had a good one.

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