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'True' Hallucinations

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My friend enjoy the spice rides since few months so he is still a noob but he starts to see some 'recurrent' themes in each ride, also depending on the dosing. But last night, for unknown reason he took as usual some few lite hits and when he was able to sit down he was ready for a good one. Hallucinations came strong. Ok, still usual, but that time he was able to sit in his bed, perfectly aware about where and who he was. He could have speak to other people and regret to not had setted up a recording device. Because that time, hallucinations where all around him. Not in a inner realm with close eyes, no, it was full 3D colored holograms of wave of light, evanescent objects and he could even 'touch' them and feel them with his 'real' hands like if it was made of smoke. It was not only a strong visual overriding the vision because he was able to see his normal envirronment as well. It was greatly awesome. He was in the presence of better holograms than in star wars !! :) He thought "so great, I can do magic like in a D&J wirzard movie and I can see it thru my normal eyes. I wonder if this a common phenomenom...
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