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Truth seeker saying hi

Migrated topic.


Rising Star

I have been visiting Nexus for a couple of years now and thought its finally time for the essay thing.

My primary motivation is to have a direct experience, Who and What am I?
I believe that some of the information on Nexus can help put me in a position allowing a certain level of openness to have such an experience.

The search I find myself on is broad and I attend retreats along with meditation and self inquiry, only a fraction of my search is based
around the use of substances.

Nexus has so far has proven invaluable in the set up phase in acquiring the tools and basic knowledge to navigate through some of the tough logistics (especially as I travel alone).

I have acquired the Arc turbo flame,GVG, mesh pads (doing a pre melt).
This works extremely well, thanks nexians.

I love to tinker and believe in sustainability.
It was somewhere here someone said something like ‘The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, the second best time is now’.
I am a motivated person so I went with now.
I have 19 new friends, Acacia A&B ( sorry haven't worked out how to post photos yet)

I thank you in advance for your patience and guidance when required as I am not too familure with forum etiquette.



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Hello, it's nice to see you here.

You must be quite the gardener.

Those acacias look very impressive.

Thank you for posting.
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