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Truth to be told

Migrated topic.

Love appears

Rising Star
DMT really is your companion. Its the woman to be loved not measured. All of our problems arise from the fact that we havent been "all ears" with it. For now on i feel the judgement has been right.
Now i have to delete this thread, cause its claiming to have truth. It was me whos ignorant with things.
Please don't delete it. I completely agree. 😁

I think the "If you post something as a fact, you have to be able to provide a reliable source for your argument."-rule in the attitude, doesn't apply here.
I mean it's self-evident, that this post arose out of your personal experience, so there can't be a more reliable source found online.

Personally I think posts like this are great and benefit this website, but that's only my opinion.
Love appears said:
DMT really is your companion. Its the woman

In the light of above, i just noticed, that i have kept my Changa jar in black cloth, hidden from the eye. Cloth is only removed when it gets to smoking. After that, cloth is quickly put back and all thinking regarding to this action was suppressed, to think, why im doing this?

It is now at this time, when im genuinely interested about what lies beyond the cloth, who is She?

Yet there is marking stick in my hand, ready to draw squares so eagerly.
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