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Trying the Spice again (Continued)

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Last weekend I completed another DMT extraction. It is the first extraction I have done in the past year and I have been excited to try it ever since I was drying out my crystals. I completed a STB extraction which produced 5 grams of white dmt crystals. So I have enough DMT to be experimenting for a while.

I tried smoking dmt different ways when I extracted some last summer. To say the least the smoke was too harsh or hot to smoke. So I gave up on smoking it and used what I had left in pharmauasca experiences. The first one being really good and the last one, which you can read here somewhere, was completely terrible.

My brother has been excited to try it, but also afraid. Same with my brother in-law. I told my brother that we would try it yesterday. He has no drivers license so I had to go to my mom's and pick him up. We decided it would be nice to do it in nature and went out on an island where we grew up. He has some MJ plants growing out there so we thought we would check up on them.

We got out there moved some plants around and found a place to sit down. It was almost 90 degrees yesterday so I was sticky and sweaty from walking out there. I also grabbed a hold of some plant the taught me a lesson about touching plants because my hand was on fire. There were bugs biting me and I made the decision that this is not the time or the place.

My brother and brother in-law were both bummed that I chose not to do it, because they had actually worked up the balls to do it. I told them they could try it without me, but they wanted me to do it first. So sadly we head back to the car and I took my brother home.

My brother in-law came back to the house with me and on our way we picked up his friend because he has some MJ. It was cooler now as it was almost 10pm. I felt like now was the time. I asked my brother in law if he wanted to do it and he said he would. His friend also decided that he would try.

I gave them the usual disclaimer and told them not to do it for the wrong reasons. I pretty much told them this can take you farther than any other drug out there. I told them that they shouldn't do it unless they really want to. They both agreed that they at least try a small hit out to get their feet wet.

Since I have had some experience with DMT I went first. I have a friend that taught me a new way to smoke dmt that I really enjoyed a couple weeks ago. He has very nice salvia plant and he gave me a bunch of leaf from it. So I broke up some leaf and sandwiched some DMT in between some of the salvia. This by far is the best way I have smoked dmt. The vaporizers, meth pipes, test tubes, and every other way were just way too harsh on my lungs.

I sat back took some deep breaths and tried to calm my nerves. I put the pipe to my lips and took one large hit. I thought about taking a second, but by time I blew out my first hit I felt as I didn't need anymore. The dmt came on quick and before I knew my body was buzzing. Everything in the room was spinning and moving around. The most distinct feeling that from it was the buzzing or vibrating of my body. It almost felt like doing nitrous, but a lot stronger. It kept getting stronger and stronger. I would describe it as being able to feel the electricity of every atom in my body. It was an amazing feeling.

Along with this buzzing of the body was the carrier wave. It kept getting louder and louder, but then it started to fade. I was starting to come down. 5 minutes later I was left in the afterglow of the experience.

I really enjoyed this experience. I did not want a breakthrough experience before I try some smaller doses. I am just trying to feel it out and see what the experience is like. So far I really like it, but I know that I have just hit the tip of the ice berg. I know that what happened to me last night is only the beginning, and I feel like I am ready for a higher dose.

I let my brother in-law try what dmt was left in my pipe. He also took only one hit, and it quite a bit smaller than mine. The look on his face when he started coming up was of complete surprise. Needless to say he loved the experience and said he is ready to go deeper with me. His friend also tried it and enjoyed it.

Tonight, when I get out of work, I will be trying 2 hits. I am glad that my brother in-law enjoyed it because now I have someone to share it with. It seems that most people that I mention DMT to don't want anything to do with it. I guess it is for good reason, because even though I have barely even touched on the DMT experience it was very intense. I will report back with my findings after my trip tonight.

I'm sorry this was sort of long. If you read it all I thank you.

~Peace Out
thanks fo your report. You seem to pay the necessary respect to the experience..thanks for that too. Also niced to see the nitrious comparison. My friend from peru thinks, that the body high on a low dose is very much alike. Only stronger.
thanks for the replies. I really enjoy this community more than the others that are out there. Every one here seems to be very mature and respectful. Yesterday we had a picnic at work which made me exhausted. I came home and fell asleep planning on taking a nap, but ended up not waking up until a half hour ago. What a waste of a night. I was hoping to try the DMT again last night, but no luck with that. Hopefully tonight. If I do I will make sure to report back my experience.

~Peace OUt
Last night I had another dmt session. My brother in-law came over with another friend that was interested in the spice. I had a bunch of work to do for my fungus, but it looks like it got delayed. I questioned this friend of his to try and figure out his intentions. He had never taken a psychedelic, but enjoyed smoking MJ. He has been wanting to try psychedelics for a while but has never had access. I asked what he would like out of the experience and it seemed as if he had a good aura coming from him. I also tried explaining the experience to him including the warnings of complete dissolution of reality. He still said that he is interested. So I decided that I would let him try it out.

It was ridiculously hot yesterday so we headed up to my bedroom for the experience. I have an air conditioner up there so it was the only comfortable place to enjoy the spice. I loaded my pipe as usual and had him sit on the bed. I told him to clear his mind and take a moment to prepare for the experience. I held the pipe to his lips and started to vape the spice. He took a very small hit I urged him to take more, but he thought it was too harsh. He held it for a second and let it out. I could tell his experience was only threshold, but he said he enjoyed it.

Now my brother in-law was interested in trying again. He said that he would do it if I would. I originally was not going to trip last night as I thought that my set and setting were a bit out of place. My girlfriend and I have been fighting a lot and we are now to the point where we aren't really talking to each other, but for some reason at the moment I felt like it would do me some good.

My brother in-law went first. I told him that this time he should close his eyes. He took a hit and had a pleasurable experience where he experienced his first visions.

Now it is my turn. I sat on my bed indian style and took a few deep breaths to calm my thoughts. I took one large hit and laid back on my bed. This time I closed my eyes and I seen a large mandala spinning in front of me. Within this mandala I seen symbols of sacred geometry rotating pulling on me. My body was vibrating so intense that it felt as if the whole room was vibrating. I heard the carrier wave, but as fast as it came on it was gone. I was left with a very euphoric feeling.

My brother in-law's friend wanted to try again because he didn't get a good hit. I loaded the pipe again and helped him smoke it. This time it seemed as if his experience was more intense, but still lacking.

I felt so good after my first experience that I decided that I would try again. I loaded my pipe with some more dmt, but I am sure there was still quite a bit left. I do not have a mg scale so I just put some in and see what happens and adjust next time. I was in such a good mood I thought this would be the perfect time to try two hits.

As before I sat on my bed indian style. I put the pipe to my lips and took my first hit. This hit seemed really good because before I even had a chance to blow it out I was feeling it strong. I thought about not taking the second hit, but said fuck it. I put the pipe back to my lips and tried for another hit. This time it was a little more difficult as I was already tripping really hard. I took in a big deep hit of dmt and laid back. Everything in the room started to go crazy with my eyes open. It seemed as if there were hurricane winds in the room blowing all of the curtains everywhere. So I decided to close my eyes.

With my eyes closed is where it was at. At first there was a wall of geometric patterns morphing and twisting around. The pattern reminded me a lot of an aya textile that a friend of mine had brought back from peru, but much more detailed and animated. Then this pattern started to form a jungle. I felt like I was in a jungle I could smell the damp air and all of the trees were a very brilliant color of green. This is where I had my first contact with an entity.

There were two of them. It seemed as if they were male and they were very playful. They were also very human like, but still not quite human. I didn't understand at all what they wanted as it seemed like they were playing games with me. They were ducking behind trees and flying around making funny faces at me. One came up and hit me in my forehead. Then I opened my eyes and the room around me was not what it was before I left. Everything was flying around the room with fractal trails behind it. I thought this was too much and closed my eyes again.

I was again met by these two entities. I did not have any fear from them even though the one punched me. It just seemed like they were just having fun. Sort of like wrestling with my younger when I was young. Soon after I had closed my eyes again my vision went back to the beautiful pattern that I had seen before. I laid there in complete bliss for what seemed like quite a while, but in reality was only about 30 seconds.

I opened my eyes still tripping pretty hard and tried to explain my experience to my friends. They said that I looked completely happy with a huge grin on my face the whole time. As I came back I was the happiest I have been in a long time and felt very euphoric. I could not believe how good I felt. It felt MDMA x10000000. I just laid in my bed basking in the afterglow of the experience. It kept fading with waves of euphoria fading. The waves that came almost felt orgasmic.

My brother in-law wanted to try two hits so I loaded the pipe again and lit the bowl for him. Again he had a very wonderful experience. I am sure that he will be making an account here soon as he has just been dumbfounded by the power of this chemical.

So far this has been my best experience I have ever had on DMT and I am really looking forward to my next endeavor. When I get out of work tonight I will be going to my mom's house as my brother has been wanting to try for a while, but the circumstances haven't allowed it. I might try for a total break through experience tonight. I guess I will see how the vibes feel when the time gets here. I am just so happy that I have finally started having good experiences from this magic chemical. This experience might have taken me further than I have ever been, but I know that I can still go so much deeper. I feel as if I am ready for the break through experience as my fear for dmt has slightly subsided. I guess we will see how things go tonight. I will report back.

I suggest that if anyone is having problems with their smoking method try sandwiching the dmt between some kind of herb. This is the very best method I have found. I really cannot wait to experience the different synergies with different plant material. From my experience salvia leaf has been working very well, and I am not a person that enjoys salvia. I have tried extracts a few times and decided that I never want any part of salvia again. But I have came across some very cared for salvia leaf and I really enjoy it.

~Peace Out
Thanks for the great report dude.. lol the topic title made me laugh, cause when I read it I went "Trying The Spice Again.. continued.. revenge.. resurrection.. bunch of movie sequel titles.

I also just extracted some with noman's tek basically.. I just evap though, and I got more :) and then more pulls on the first batch, then more mimosa in the wings for when I run low. :D I'm a happy camper. I'm on the afterglow of smoking my first bit of it.. The crystals were more brilliant this time and whiter.. Siphoning the naphtha off and evaporating works well for me.. I can't really use the freezer though..

Anyway, yea, good readin, thanks.
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