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two hours of eternity..

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I vaporized some passion flower herb infused with crude cappi extract and acacia and for first time i added a very small pungent smelling pot bud to the bowl...

After 2 or three hits of vapor from VG bowl i experianced the longest lasting body load or high in my life and was tripping very hard at same time..

I had to reasure myself that it would wear off soon but minutes were timeless it seemed to hang on very long time close to two hours of eternity..

I would look across room to a small square of light on the wall and watching this light i started seeing figures in it as if it were a tv screen..

Still looking at the window of light i found myself floating into this window of light into a cosmose of many objects..

I remember flying through a circut board galaxy at a fast speed even went past an etentity i yelled at but movint too fast...

I may have broken through this time with the cappi bud and spice mix?

What a trip!
Intezam said:
Acacia? Was it extracted DMT/NMT or its goo from acacia -- or other?

It was crystals and crude capp extract desolved into a grain alcohol alcohol tincture..

What gave it such a heavy body load ..[lasting two and a half hours]... was the skunky smelling pot i vaped with it...

The pot seemed to make it last much longer!
Intezam said:
would you smoalk this combo again?

The trip lasted way longer than it would have if i hand not added the pot with the dmt..

The pot was very strong ...causing a strong body load ..

Im not much of a pot smoker anyway and this stuff had a very strong effect with the spice ...

No i wouldent mix this combo again...
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