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tyramine interactions with caapi and beans question

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Hello :)

I was wondering which beans are safe to eat on the dieta?

They are a big part of my diet as a vegan and I just plain love them. I wanted to start micro-dosing caapi leaves in a tea each morning to see if it had a positive impact on me in any way but was worried about some of the foods that I eat on a pretty regular basis chocolate being another example of a food I eat regularly..

Thanks in advance :thumb_up:
There's no Tyramine interactions with Harmalas or Moclobemide (reversible MAO-A inhibition), so diet is of no concern. If you wanna be extra careful though, just don't eat high Tyramine containing foods about say 4 to 6 hours before, or up to 2 hours to 4 to 6 hours after the Harmalas, the gut's MAO-A inhibition goes away around 2 hours after the Harmalas, so gut MAO-A would break down Tyramine as usual after 2 hours after the Harmalas, even if Tyramine is consumed during the guts MAO-A inhibition, MAO-B can still break down the Tyramine. I usually eat dinner about 6 to 8 hours after Harmalas, and i've also eaten many things during the Harmalas main effects including an hour into it (especially with the Harmala reverse tolerance built up so that the purgative effects weren't there), so yeah reversible MAO-A inhibition isn't a concern when it comes to Tyramine but if you wanna be extra careful just avoid high Tyramine containing foods for 4 to 6 hours before and after the Harmalas and you'll be just fine.
ShamenStamen is right, if you were considering taking psychoactive doses.. But for you its even less of a problem because you're talking about microdosing. In that case there will be no issue at all, since there will be practically no MAO inhibition happening, there will still be plenty of active MAO to destroy the tyramine.

Feel free to eat beans

T36 said:
plants are alive 2!!! vegans are hypocrites!!!

Im not a vegan, and im not sure if this was a joke but.... If you think this true, this is a horrible argument you put forward. If plants are alive and important, then you will still pound for pound create a lot less suffering in general eating plants than animals because the animals you eat are also eating plants, and they are inneficient in terms of resources per gram of protein. So if you eat 1kg of animal, this means the animal has eaten way more than 1kg of plants to grow that 1kg . If you eat 1kg of plant instead, you will be avoiding the suffering of the animal AND be killing less plants.

Lastly, this is quite offtopic, there are other more appropriate topics for this discussion, or you can start your own. Also the way you wrote seems disrespectful, you are not asking questions or proposing a constructive discussion. Please be more mindful how you communicate here in the future. If you were joking, ignore what I said ;)
Yeah T36, don't you be invadin' this "safe space". You might "trigger" us!...SARC. Sorry guys, just keepin' it light.

On topic, as SS relates, in general, the "dietary restrictions" promulgated re the use of RIMAs is way overplayed. Obviously, individual sensitivities vary, but actual pharmacologic/physiologic adverse reactions are not very common. This comment is not to discount personal choices of a more, metaphysical nature! Much of the lore surrounding the "dieta" is cultural. Again, no disrespect to those who choose that path.

😁 haha) im Sorry for going off-topic:) i was tripping...thought i would be banned 4 this when i saw (Moderator) so i got the msg and i wont be doing it again:d
#alllivesmatter (but mushrooms are Superior):thumb_up:
No worries I usually take it as a joke these days cause yea...


THANK YOU everyone for the quick replies! sorry it took me so long to respond back with my gratitude's

😁 😁 😁 :thumb_up:
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