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Uncle and Knuckles

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Introducing Uncle and Knuckles: two hungry caterpillars that like salvia:


I found them on an indoor salvia plant munching away. At first I was a little upset since they were eating the plant, but the folks at the Nexus chat suggested I let nature run its course. Thinking about, I do the same with the salvia leaves. So there is a witty humorous irony in the situation, all one needs to do is see it.

I'll feed them leaves and see if Uncle and Knuckles transform into a nice flying moth or butterfly. They are in a jar to monitor their progress more easily.
Ringworm said:
Those are army worms. They eat A LOT.

If you don't want to kill them, transplant them.

I think your ID is right.

They are also popping a lot. The jar they are in is full of black poop piles. Uncle and Knuckles are making a big mess.

I gave them a fresh salvia leaf today. They do seem to eat a lot.

Since they are eating salvia and not using it as an ornamental, they may be breaking unnatural laws that some local human monkeys have made up.

In short, Uncle and Knuckles are a pair of dirty outlaws!
Tomorrow I think I'll give them some pegahun harmala leaves. After an hour I'll give them some acacia acuminata phyllodes.

Since they like salvia I'm hoping Uncle and Knuckles enjoy the new menu... (?)
i wonder if you named them like that because of the memes


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It was because the situation seemed annoying, but in reality it was not. Only felt annoyed because of my limitation to see the bigger picture: wiser folks in the chat helped me see that the caterpillars are just like me consuming salvia leaves and part of nature, who am I to judge? Upon realizing this, I saw the witty humor that the universe had in putting the caterpillars and us together.

The situation reminded me of a certain nexus character...
I've got a couple of caterpillars munching a couple of my Coleus plants. At least, the pattern of damage and the faecal deposits suggest caterpillars, but I haven't seen them in action nor found their hiding place. So, I'm quite amused by them and this thread. At least you found yours!
Thanks downwardsfromzero. Good luck finding the beings sharing the plants with you. They can be difficult to find and today I found another one but (despite my best efforts to locate all originally).

The new caterpillar today has a beautiful bald head. When I put in the acacia acuminata he ran straight right to the top of a phyllode and staring munching with gusto. Seems like he is definitely on a mission to have a life transformed into a beautiful flying moth.

I have named this new entity antrocles. Here is a picture of him,


I don't know why, but the caterpillars had little interest in the rue leaves (at the bottom of the picture).
Army worms have a particular smell.
When farming I could smell an infestation long before I could ever see them.

I couldn't be as friendly as you due to the fact that the crops fed me and mine.
I have sad news. The jar uncle, knuckles, and antrocles was thrown out by the wife today. "Why are you keeping disgusting worms" where here words. I tried to rescue them but the trash had already been picked up.

The jar was loaded with fresh leaves and they seemed happy and healthy last time I checked on them yesterday.

I'm afraid that they will not survive the trip to the dump. But who knows, maybe they will and transform to fly out of there. I'm affraid I'll never know. :cry:

PS: Ringworm, I smelled their jar yesterday but all I could smell was salvia.
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