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Upon Reflection, I Share My Gratitude

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One of the most wonderful things about this platform is the authentic connections made between people of all walks of life from all over the world. Today, in the US, it is the holiday of Thanksgiving, in which as the name implies is about spending time with loved ones and giving thanks. While I try to regularly practice and exude gratitude, it's natural for me to reflect more so about what I'm thankful for. I may be struggling in life, but I fortunately have a tremendous amount to be grateful for.

I am overwhelmingly thankful and grateful to all of YOU (and especially Trav for the brilliant work in creating this space and continuing to diligently foster it in an accepting, structured, and incisive way). I have made many beautiful connections that have helped me grow, given me a sense of comradere, and made me feel in many ways that I've found my main community (it doesn't even matter to me anymore the need for anonymity: these are still heartfelt connections). This place has done too much good for me that I can describe (probably also because I'm under the weather presently). Each one of us has contributed to these feelings. I thank you all and I love you all.

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Thank you Voidmatrix for being here, sharing with honesty and care, and for making this place so special.
Thankfulness is really something to nurture. It's a gift to share. Hope you're soon on the way up over the surface again. We are many here with you.
Thank you, Voidmatrix for bringing in your constructive energy! I've been thinking a lot about resonance. If we can find people who strengthen the positive vibes in us, we can in turn do the same for others. I have been very happy to have participated in this kind of sharing. Thank you, Trav, for this community and thank you everyone else.
And I thank you both for your contributions and engaged and balanced presence on this forum. Also, for the specific support, valued interactions, and encouragement that you each have provided me specifically.


One love
Thank you Void and everyone I had the pleasure to meet in this place. I am still new, but I can tell this is a positive and special community.
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