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Using Dmt and other Psychedelics to treat gender dysphoria

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So, I have thought about this for a while, and it is somewhat the reason that I have gotten into psychedelics in the first place. How do psychedelics impact transgender people who are going through gender dysphoria? I know that I personally struggle with this, some days worse than others, but if Dmt can zap me to a world where I potentially see myself how I feel then why would I not use it to help that? I have no experience with psychedelics thus far, so I may be way off. Are there any transgender psychonauts on here that could answer this?
DMT isn't some sort of panacea. It may solve your issues, or it might make them worse.

I'm not transgender, but i have experienced a change in gender, sexual preference and even species while on DMT. And by that, i mean that i transform into a woman, a gay man or another animal. Once i come back down to earth, i'm me again. I don't feel like a woman, i don't develop gay tendencies nor do i become another animal.
And I'm not questioning if it causes a permanent change in your gender or sexuality. I'm wondering if you have that experience, is it beneficial to see yourself in that light, or if it has any significance at all.
I'm new to dmt. In my experiences so far, ive have not had the sense of being in a body while on dmt... male or female. I just see what's in front of me and am there. Other people have experiences with awareness of having different bodies from what I've seen though.

Phycadelics don't always heal but a lot of times they do. There's only one way to know if it will help you and that is,to try it. Good luck to you.
This may be controversial, but gender dysphoria seems to me to be the new ADHD - Everyone thinks they have it.
Not discounting anyones experience at all here, but looking for a way to 'treat' a thing that most argue is innate from birth appears fraught with unneccesary suffering.
I really hope you find an answer to your inquiry, much love.
The only way to know for sure is to experience DMT 1st hand. It's a tool like no other.

It can ease suffering, resolve childhood trauma, treat anxiety, induce spirituality or take you straight down to hell...

Remember these three things - set, setting, intent. Use it as a tool for understanding and you will benefit.

There is no way of knowing how it will impact a given individual. We're all way different. It's all down to you an your psyche.
Go to a psychiatrist. Even if DMT provides answers they will come with just as powerful questions.
Besides, there is a very noticeable tendency by the the media to push gender dysphoria in the same way that ADHD was pushed not long ago, try to get to your own conclusions before trying anything else. In the end, its your decision, but expecting a concrete answer on a matter this specific through DMT isn't a viable solution.
For me, LSD was the single most important experience of my life. On my first trip, I was confronted with my dysphoria and fear and made peace with it. I came out the next day and never looked back.
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