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Using popular mediums for expanding the consciousness

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Rgeular Dudess

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Please post links to popular media (tv, games, music etc.) that you consider beneficial for one's mental well being.

I can start. This has to be the best documentary I've ever seen simply because it makes me feel compassionate on a level not many other documentaries can achieve.

Children Full of Life:


And this game sucked me emotionally in it's magical world. It really made me care for the girl Yorda. Also good for producing compassionate mind states (in my opinion, someone might disagree). The game is for Playstation 2 and is called Ico. Pure magic:


For some reason the rest of the links don't show properly. Just copy the addresses and paste them in the address/search bar.
Echkart Tolle says he wishes that eventually the first things we teach children is that there is ONLY there here and now. And you have one life to live, so follow your excitement at all times.
Great documentary. I really wish I still had the kind of imagination I had as a child.

Ico is a truly beautiful game. I remember being totally drawn into it's world and being completely amazed at the beauty of it all.
i'd give him the teacher of the year award .....and only can hope more teachers would teach compassion honesty respect and empathy as this man has ........american schools especially need this kind of education rather than the ridiculousness they get in its 'education' system
my eyes filled with tears watching this series........tears of joy ........thank you
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