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Using Vape Cartridge to Leverage State Specific Phenomena and Retrieve Previous Memories

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So, I finally got a vape cartridge to work. It's a dilute, weak one and it's perfect for me. I can take a hit or two, settle into the comfort of the body load, then take several more and get into the trip with an ease of transition. The more hits I take the bigger and brighter the trip gets. Three hits seems to equal effects of 10 to 12 mgs.

I went in three times after the warmup yesterday but only got a write up of one experience. The first main trip was very awesome. The second trip was used as a tool and the third one was too weak to manifest visuals.

Here's what happened: I was finished with the warmup, pleased with the vape and ready to take three big hits. I did and I got this experience:

Effects came on slowly. I was getting blinking, lit up rainbow textures, comprised of squares or strips of saturated colors all of different hues. This quickly transformed into the side of a very long, very flat fish entity that continued to stretch out. As it stretched on my right side of view, I noticed it was made up of sections, with each section being differentiated by a border making it a different color. So, green would transition to blue to purple, etc. Each area that was a separate color had a different texture or pattern on it.

This flat fish on my right side stretched out more and more, forwards from my perspective. To the left of the perspective, with the flat fish entity on the right, making up a kind of living wall, was a very flat, super highly polished grey/black floor.

As I watched all of this rapidly transformed into what I can only describe as an amazing soda pop or beer or some sort of hyperspatial beverage factory. Traditional shaped, near hourglass, beverage bottles were being filled and advanced down a line, often through spinning areas. Each bottle had a different color of fluid within it. These bottles proceeded through the circles and down the line to be packaged into six packs and boxes. On the right side, a bit down from the main manufacture area, in the center of the factory was like their advertisement avatar or something. She was an amazing and fantastic female with an hourglass/bottle shape of her own. She was huge, beginning below the factory floor and towering above it. She rotated languorously slowly on a polished circular black plinth as fantastic golden objects, spheres and golden threads manifested around her and disappeared just as quickly. She was the most gorgeous “advertisement” I have ever seen in my life. If offered a bottle of that hyperspatial elixir I would happily chug it down.

Eventually I came down a bit and the amazing factory kind of transitioned into other textures until I realized I was in the pews of a very odd alien church. There were a lot of things going on in the room, a lot of weird objects in the air, bizarre entities made up of a small number of arms would pop up and down. They would have the normal arms of a human in a Y formation but their heads were also these kinds of arms. These were not human arms with human hands. These aliens were pale blue and having a good time in the pews. Clearly hyperspatial church is not a drag.

I read this (at that time rough) entry in my journal and came to the conclusion it was not enough for a trip report but get THIS: I ONLY remembered the come up and the pews of the church. I was left with the disconcerting impression that something kind of amazing and beautiful had happened involving some sort of polished floor but that was all I could retrieve. I thought about it and tried little tricks but I could not get it back.

So, I vaped more DMT, a slightly smaller dose but this time as the trip started to come on I intentionally tried to think loosely about DMT and my last trip and BAM! it slammed right back into my memory - the weird beverage factory with the stunningly beautiful spinning woman!

I sat up and started to write down some rough notes even though crazy things were happening on the computer screen and my blanket was trying to come alive.

I found this to be a rather powerful tool and hope to be able to use it again. Understanding that state specific memory is a thing, using the ease and simplicity of the vape cart to bring on a state just deep enough to recall memories from previous ones seemed to be very efficacious.
Nice report Pandora, thx you for sharing !
i myself very like to use Dmt in vg/pg form (i use a sub-ohm not a cart though :) ), it's very convenient ; i also think that i can ease into the trip gradually, the come up is, in this way, very smooth, as well as the body load which gradually settles in :)
Im very happy that you achieved success with that route of administration :cool::cool::cool:
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