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Van Gogh, Monet etc...

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Hello forum,
i visited Amsterdam a week ago and besides smoking some serious bud I visited the VanGogh-museum!

Well, my plan was to eat some shrooms before. So I bought some Psilocybe Tampanensis and ate them 1 hour before the visit.

These pictures have MUCH more to show if you are willing to look after the indepth and meaning of the pictures.

The details you can aquire if you look closely are that amazing!
No detail is just coincidence. It seems, like these great painters are real geniusses who plan every single stroke of the brush!

What i could gain of these pictures is just sooo amazing.
Sometimes I had the impresion, the paint is still wet. And like they are painting themselves.

Another one, green picture of a forest: I could see the picture differently depending on how I looked at it!

The most astonishing about the pictures is the fullness of nature which is perfectly transfered into them.

I'd recommend anybody going to the VanGogh museum in Amsterdam! Don't forget your mushrooms ;)
I did that two, once. Some paintings realy come alive when you look at them.

Many paintings look much better when you see the original, then when you look at a picture of them on a postcard or a book.
there are too many subtleties that printing techniques cannot cover yet.
damn im so jealous haha. This is on my list of places to go eventually. Sounds like you had a good time. They still sell fungi over there?
Yes, you can still buy them at the smartshops. Any kind of, no reglementations ;)

That's what i'm talking about, polytrip:
These paintings can NOT be reproduced!
They are uniqe.

Any print is just a poor copy.

You have to see it for yourself to believe it!

Sometimes there are hidden messages in the pictures.

For example.
A picture of vanGogh of a woman sitting in front of a table smoking a cigarette and drinking alcohol:

This picture was fascinating, because if you watch the picture from straight positition it looks like the woman is desperate and is hopeless, so she takes drugs to get away from her sad life.
IF you watch the picture from the right side, her look gets a mysterious hopefull touch. Not hopeless or desperate at all.
That picture made me think.
Just change your point of view and there is hope and postive attitude! What a beautiful message.
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