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VaporGenie Question - Is this the right one?

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So I had purchased a VaporGenie to use and I think I may not have the right one. Does this one work or do I need to get a different one?


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Yes! I have seen that model refereed to as a "Vapor Genie" many times. It should work as long as its used correctly! Have a fun time!

This is how it works.
I am sure it might work, but have not tried it. The one that is mostly recommended is the Glass Vapor Genie or GVG as many people call it.

The advantage I see is that it's glass, you can see the spice melt, you see the vapor and for sure you can tell when you cleared all the vapor. I would think that with the one you purchased it's more of a guessing thing, but might work with some experience.
I have that one and it definitely works! Although Hawaiigold is right most people here recommend the Glass VG.

This one works pretty much the exact same its just not glass. Enjoy! 😁
With the glass you can see how much smoke you're pulling in, and the shape and size.

Have fun:thumb_up:

Safe and happy journeys

Get a liquid pad or a small piece of chore boy and hammer that bad boy with a tall flame or torch lighter. Gvg is great but I love this version too.
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