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vaporized in a volcano

Migrated topic.
It would not be effective.

Spice cools and recrystallizes very quickly. By the time the bag was filled with vapor a great deal of your spice will have condensed on the bag itself, not to mention the volcano internals.

That's only one potential problem I can see, I'm sure there are others.
rellik said:
mine works pretty well, just a slower attack on your brain compared to other methods

You have smoked spice from a Volcano Vape?? Please elaborate on your smoking technique/ effects the spice has on the electric mechanisms that exist within the machine. Thank-you :)
my machine loves to turn into its own thing when spice is run thru, changing with each blink, but the controls never get confusing.

edit: i use it on top of burnt/prtially used bud when im lazy
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