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Dorge wrote
We have over the years ignored and confused the deita with the MAOI diet so much it's made it hard for us to see that there are massive cultural reasons for their food taboos.
..my point was more to do with how we have ignored the MAO brain activity aspect (the stomach-blood-brain link). Changes in one's gut MAOI activity (which will
always be modulated by diet) will affect one's brain states. i understand that 'dieta' & MAO diet are not the same, but MAO (the enzyme) is a major player in how
we perceive & feel daily.
..i'm specifically not talking about particular cultural diets, but saying people can experiment top find their own.
Plantains are high in tryamine and they are a mainstay. The actual list of plants and animals eaten and why would surprise you.
..actually i was saying tyramine isn't perhaps as big problem as older sources say. these were high level 'doese' experiments whilst ingesting 5g (& above) of P. harmala. people said the negative symptoms were not extreme & did not last long. they found the tyramine modulated visions quite interesting.
..Other amines & substances (e.g. coffee, lentils), however, may be more harmful than widely reported...(in conjunction with ayahusaca)...
reducing the levels of such amines in the diet far longer than, say 24hrs in advance, can greatly enhance the experience...

ps thanks for links:)
But caffeine is regularly added to ayahuasca to fight the sedative effects. Ts traditional to add it to aya.

I hear what your saying... And the Mao is interesting but I think it's apples and oranges... And it's frustrating because the two subjects have been so mudded up together for so long.
We often drink in the morning lately, since our stomaches are empty and we are not too tired. I often wake up and drink a cup or yerba mate or green tea an hour before we drink. I never noticed any problems. I have drank coffee many times before drinking ayahuasca when I used to drink coffee. It can be stimulating, but I never felt it was harmful. Dont drink 5 or 10 cups right before though...

A bit of caffine from yerba mate or green tea can actually boost the ayahuasca I find in a really nice way. Caapi with a tiny bit of yerba mate is sort of mdma like.
fractal enhancement writes
I have drank coffee many times before drinking ayahuasca when I used to drink coffee.
..yeah sure, with moderate
levels of both shouldn't be a problem..
..i'm more giving examples where the higher end of the haramala content is used (without going into harmala OD), and deliberate things
are eaten to see what happens..
.. for me, with a typical Santo Diame style tea not much dietary prepartion is needed, whereas a seriously purgtaive jungle brew made from
a 50year old vine (& maestro) can have me cursing my past 3 months of habits..
..also, i'm looking at extreme level examples to try and understand low level (more subliminal) activity...
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