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Very honest question, sorry if its annoying, couldnt find anything..

Migrated topic.


gen z tripper
I cannot seem to complete the captcha to create an account on the wiki, im creating the pic PERFECTLY, and did it about ten more times to make sure, but it will not allow me to complete the cpatcha, apparently im a robot?

Well, anyways, is there any trick im missing, or is it the same deal as the forum where itll only work on weekends, cuz man, I just got way to frustrated trying to get every pixel on point
When I fail a captcha over and over and over its usually one of two things, either I'm just making the same simple blatant mistake every time or my browsers script blocker is preventing some essential function from triggering. Do you use something like NoScript or uBlock? If so, disable them while doing the captcha.
Its gotta be broken, I have no extra settings or any blockers or anything enabled, and its not a normal captcha, you have to put the tiles together to makeup a picture, and i have matched it pixel by pixel haha
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