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very low dosage=Escher-esque alien screened in porch

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every time i do a very low dosage i go to the same place. it almost seems like an alien's screened in porch or somthing. it starts twisting and turning and i see entities very vaguely. almost every time i see an entity with a feminine presence that seems to be scooping up a childlike being into her arms. the scene is vaguely reminiscent of the MC Escher piece 'Another World' pictured below:
Unrelated but they have a Escher gallery at the art museum in the city here right now and I saw this drawing the other day... was wicked cool.

Check out "Metamorphosis" too if you haven't seen it!
Wow! Lol, I've been in a gallery type of environment very much like your second photo... There were marble statues and other things from this reality there on display (it felt like)... Very strange.
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