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viewing death

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A few times that I've smoked some when I've been around some other people, it's like i've seen their ghosts inside them. Spirit, or energy person. It's like in their face, looking contorted, and half of it looks like an under skeleton energy ghost version of the person's face. I wonder if this is the subtle lifeforce, or spirit of the person, that the substance enables you to see?

I've been with a person when they died, at the moment that they died. They groaned and then they tensed up, and then relaxed with a sigh, and it's like they released themselves to death at that moment.

I wonder if you knew a few moments before the moment of somebody's death what it would be like... and what you might see, if you hit your DMT pipe, and then looked at them at the moment they died?

Has anyone ever done this?
that is some interesting stuff...SWIM knows of this other layer in the persons face..but SWIM has never smoked any near something dying..
Wow. Maybe from behind mirrored glass though, Is it fair to make them view you smoking your pipe in their moment of death?

You could try it when a pet dies? I don't think they'd mind, and you could do it lots of times then if you had small pets? Some hamsters only live a year.

But dead things become alive on spice- wood, fabric...
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