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Virola resin into freebase question

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Earth Child
I just received 2 grams of virola resin, is there an easy way that I can turn this into a freebase instead of salt based? I want to be able to smoke it to get effects.

Someone told me to just add fresh lime, but I am not sure if that would be effective enough.
cut in to very small pieces, powder if possible. add calcium hydroxide, mix with water until submerged , sit for at least 4 hours stirring occasionally. dry, and viola, freebased virola resin.
I don't know why I asked that.. it isn't relevant really as you base them both the same :s

But yeah, fat cat got it in one.

But if you're like me and hate having a nose full of plant matter, do as above, rinse thoroughly with acetone and evap.

Obviously if you're smoking that's not necassary.
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