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Virola snuff, is it worth it?

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I recently watched a program called "Tribe" on the BBC in which a man traveled to south america to live with a tribe who use a virola snuff. Ever since watching this I have been quite interested in what the virola snuff is but it has only been recently after discovering nn DMT that the snuff is infact 5meoDMT. I spose I have two questions, is it worth the effort dispite the pain in the sinuses? and how would you prepere the snuff using the resin powder? google does not provide many detailed preparation techniques. any help appreciated P.S. the documentry is well worth a watch, I think it's repeated occasionaly on some digital channel.
I have tried yopo snuff several times. It does indeed hurt your nose. Yopo has also bufotenin in it, which makes you sick and make you puke if you take a large dose. It's worth it if you can get a hold of yourself despite the puking. I could several times and had wonderful visions.
No, because there is no MAOI in the snuff. Bufotenin, like N,N-DMT isn't orally active without MAOI. MAOI can be added to intensify the visions. It might be a good plan to do so, because you have to snuff less of it with some Syrian Rue in it. This way there's less bufotenin in your body which helps against the pukeing.
thanks for your help I'm a bit hesitant about trying it now but I'm sure I will eventualy give it a go
[quote:dbaab8931f="Garulfo"]Does Quick Tek would extract 5MEO from virola ? And is 5MEO freebase can be smoked ?[/quote:dbaab8931f] i sugest you read 5-Meo-Dmt trip reports that falls under the << health problems << category on erowid. I have heard of people going into seisure with eyes revulsing and breathing almost stoped because of too high of a dose - scary stuff! ( remember that there can be some left in the pipe even if it dont looks like it ) Dont try it without mesuring the dose accuratly with a proper scale.
could you do an extraction on the resin or would you have to work with the plant matter?
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