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Virola Theiodora Resin Smoked

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Earth Child
Just now I smoked 250mg of virola theiodora resin, first treated with sodium carbonate and slight water. As my vaporizer is broken, I had to use crap supplies.

Setting: My room, dim lighting, no music, Propped up in my bed.

Tools: nose burner pipe, small screen.

I put the virola inbetween some passionflower and commenced smoking the first bowl. I felt something after the first hit but couldnt put my finger on it. The second hit was more effects, I am still feeling the effects now after 10 minuets. They actually might be stronger.

I packed two more bowls, with the resin underneath the screen. I held the lighter flame slightly above the screen, as I tried not to burn the resin. After a hit or two, A loud humming noise was heard, I felt a wierd tryptamine body high. Pupils might be enlarged. Sense of sound greatly increased.

Last bowl, same method used. Feeling super euphoric, wish I could break threw, but this is more then i expected. Walk to the bathroom feeling very trippy, almost like the come up of ayuhausca or something, right before I start tripping hard.

As I type this I am feeling very trippy, and very euphoric. I had a leg cramp from earlier in the day and now it is gone ;). Wierd psyilocybin like effects. I say this because I am not getting visuals but I feel very good, veryy trippy, and my vision is slightly different.

All in all, this was more then I expected. Tomorrow I will try to use my friends Evolutions vaporizer, for those of you who do not know what this is, It is a vaporizer that is simply the best. Owns the volcanoe, for sure. Sorry Feeling a bit goofy. With this vaporizer I will be able to TRUELy tell the value of the 5-meo-dmt in this resin.

EDIT OCTOBER 29th: S came over today, and I introduced him to this magic resin. He has had much experience snuffing x. Well, now he will never snuff e again.......because this resin is amazing as a snuff.

He first tries about 160mg of the resin infused with sodium carbonate.

Snorts it in a line, up one nostril. I suggested using the shaman technique of blowing it up his nose, but unfortunettly, he is not shaman enough. At the same time, I take 250mg of prepared resin for sublingual usage.

After he snorts, he feels excellent. He agrees with me, the feelings are like taking an x pill and then smoking cannabis at its peak. The resin is better then this, because you do not get the mind rape-egdge that the X will give you, nor do you get the crappy residual feelings or brain damage.

He snorts another line an hour later, still feeling amazing. He sits down for a min or two while he gets his bearings.

He then goes outside and smokes a little bit of resin with some passionflower leaf.

He looks bewildered after 3rd hit, and later tells me that He saw the fence moving rapidly.

Goes inside and takes one more, epic line. He Sits down immediately. He tells me later that he saw my face melt off of my body, yet was not afraid.

All in all, for both of us, our resin experiance was amazing. We were also able to finish our college project with ease, even while peaking. In fact, I felt like this resin helped us.

I love the mood enhancing effect of this resin. It is my new favorite drug, and pushes cannabis in second place.

Tomorrow I will try vaporizing it in the evolutions vaporizer, unfortunnetly I am almost out of resin. Guess I will have to buy the bulk fv.
I hope to see more of these tests.

SWIM has not tried smoking the resin, but can get detectable light effects at that dose sublingually, but needs more for an actual trip.

Was the resin from Europe?
nice report, was expecting something different... think SWIM may try this himself soon.. SWIM really likes the sub-visual mushroom body load so maybe this is similar.. also I'd never heard of this evolutions vapo until you mentioned it... looks cool.
Trust me, this evolutions vaporizer, is amazing. Ranging from cannabis, to salvia, to even dmt and psilocybin extract, this vapo is a champ. It has a good warrentty and is sturdy too. I am saving up to buy my own. The price is steep, but it is a very good investment.

69ron, The resin was from Flowing Visions. The price is more expensive then shamanic extracts, but i trust Flowing Visions more. The communication with them is easier.

Have you tried the virola resins from shamanic extracts? They are a bit cheaper in bulk, but are they as good quality?
SWIM has tried resin available from pretty much all the vendors out there and has not found much of a variation in quality. That goes for both Virola Callophyla resin and Virola Theiodora resin. I think they all come from the same source in South America.

SWIM mostly uses FV because they are local. But for a long time he got his from SE because there was no local source at the time. SWIM prefers buying stuff locally so that it doesn’t have to go through customs.
Sweet! I am stoked to read your report. I have not had any 5-MEO. I certainly have it in my sights... was planning on bufo being my next new endeavor.
Oh, yes fv is local for me too, Do you have problems with SE and customs? How long does their resin take to arrive?
It took 7 business days for my resin to arrive from SE. Plan on smoking some, with and with out B caapi tea soon, will report back when I do.
maxzar100 said:
Oh, yes fv is local for me too, Do you have problems with SE and customs?

For SWIM, occasionally customs will get the package for a few weeks, but it always ends up delivered.

maxzar100 said:
How long does their resin take to arrive?

It’s very inconsistent, sometimes a week, sometimes as much as 4 weeks. It all depends on customs. If they decide to look at it, it can take several weeks to arrive. It’s usually about 1-2 weeks for SWIM but lately it’s been taking longer. I think the resin is getting more popular. I noticed the price at SE also went up.
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