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Visionary art 3D Posters

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greetings fellow nexus members,
I wanted to share my art website here, which contains the culmination of several years of attempting to draw the visions which I have seen on tryptamine journeys (mushrooms, smoked dmt, and mainly Ayahuasca)...

As you can well see if you visit the site, my art is mainly feminine humanoid forms, which are the entities I personally encounter in the visions, and they have pushed me to try to draw them. It took me several years to get my drawing to a level where I felt I could even present it as the beginning of my journey to draw those visions....and that is what the Visionarytemple website represents.
At the site you also have the option to purchase the art as 3D posters (along with the Chromadepth 3D glasses).
Please feel free to contact me with inquiries or comments or to respond here at the nexus.....I welcome them. I would especially feel gratified if folks here could attest having seen similar visions :)
Thanks for reading.
Hey there, I like your artwork. very nice, detailed.

could you tell us more about the 3D aspect of these prints,though? how does that work?
Thank you all again.
I just added new art on the site, continuing my journey of drawing the entheogenic visions.

Shoe: Sorry for the delayed response. The 3D effect on the art comes from wearing the Chromadepth 3D glasses, which make the lighter colors come forward and the darker colors recede. I used color schemes and contrasts in the images so that they synergize with the 3D glasses.
Amazing. Your art work is of very high quality. I love high quality things and try to fill my life with them! I recently had the pleasure of watching avatar 3D, and they use polarizing lenses to achieve their 3D. I highly reccomend you see it btw, it was absoloutely stunning.
I already did watch it :)
Although not in 3D...I figured I would watch it again, and step it up to 3D the 2nd run.
deepsun80 said:
I already did watch it :)
Although not in 3D...I figured I would watch it again, and step it up to 3D the 2nd run.

You won't be dissapointed :) The entire forest, since its CGI turns into 3D extremely well.
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