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Visions of other humans?

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I've had a few trips on high dose psilocybin where I end up observing other humans. Clear as day they are human, although I don't think I interact with them exactly, feels like I am a third party in the situation.

Recently I had a smoked spice experience and ended up seeing a man embedded in my consciousness. Although I was able to observe him, seemingly tinkering with a set of wires and switches/electrical equipment, he gave me no indication that he was aware of my presence. The "Man behind the curtain"? The architect of my consciousness?

I read a lot of people's experiences involving alien type beings, insectoids, etc, but not many people mention seeing other humans.
When I first read this, I almost responded "Yes, of course, I see humans all the time when I explore".

But on reflection, I'd have to say more like a 'humanoid' or 'humanoid form'.

Human faces, quite often.

A feminine humanoid form, often pushing a humanoid child in a grocery cart, is not uncommon for me.

One time, I was very nearly convinced that there were females (humanoids) in the room with me. Watching me and (I know this sounds ridiculous) but they were very happy and proud of me... Don't ask me why, I can't imagine anybody or anything being proud of me...

So I just don't know what my answer to you is.

I'd have to say humanoid, not necessarily human, but also not 'not human'.

But the magnificent gargoyle woman is definitely not human.

I'm starting to sound like I use drugs, I better stop...
Yea it happens pretty frequently at sub breakthrough doses especially. It's way more common when harmalas are involved IME and this sort of remote viewing style thing for lack or a better description is sort of a staple of harmala-only trances in general
Never used harmalas, but I like the "remote viewing" terminology.

It weirds me out every time, and on psilocybin there's always an evil undertone involved if not outright violence or crime.
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