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Visiting my friend the Void

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Shouted my lungs out this Sunday.. screaming with all my heart, riding the biggest wave, hitting the highest peak and falling into the deepest abyss.

I had the opportunity to bring a close friend to a bufo session, he stayed with me the weekend. So he could recover from his own issues taking a forced vacation.

At the session, The shaman lights the glassbul pipe and pushes my friend to keep inhaling until he can´t anymore. then gives the rest of the bufo left to someone close. in this case me.

Small doses in this context helps you connect, doing the part of the shaman, grounding him and helping him in his experience. Low doses can be hard, basically you feel as if you were taking his problems.

My friend had an eye opening experience, incredible, etc. but not world shattering. He did resist. so he wanted to do it again the next day. I agreed.

The second day, it was hard for me, i felt a lot of angst. etc. i felt emotionally injured by the dose. My friend couldn´t release either. I had to ask the shaman to give me a full release dose.

I´m ever grateful to be able to have this experiences, to feel as deeply as you can with a full dose. it was amazing. My friend saw that and understood that he needed to lose control. to release the grasp.

He was next. He is a big guy 6´2´´ and 260 lbs. he was in his underpants. he strated shouting throwing punches etc. jajaja i had to wrestle with him for 5 minutes. at the end, he got what he was looking for. the deepest hardcorest experience in his life.

go ahead and check this amazing article.
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