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Visiting the Gnomes

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Found this cool DMT trip from a website called dopecast: 40mg Walls of lights, big room, with interlinking eyes and geometric patterns,breathing in and out and pulsating and the faces, sort of tribal faces coming in and out, really strong physical in and out effect and the pulsating like a drum, like the skin of a drum combining with the music and the breathing in and out is continued even..woah. Wow it's a really strong experience... and this room..rainbow colors.. i mean incredibly intense colors changing geometricaly eminating from a sort of central point which all these sparkles and spheres and hmmph.. feels sort of like i'm rocking backwards and forwards and all these tiny little eyes in everything, very friendly, inquisitive but feel myself strongly swaying back and forwards, intensely poweful trip, really quite unlike anything and i can feel like it's just infront of my head, this mad ball of fantabulous trippy enery slowly receding but still there like this massive party these fucking little crazy little gnomes, yeah thats why people talk about gnomes or elves, spirits whatever you like to call them but they are there, that is there world do you know what i mean? I mean you talk about your trip going to the land of the gnome king, you know, fairies and pixies and gnomes and elves their all real they just live in different worlds and sort of rapidly approaching baseline..but...WOW..that was intensley...intensley pleasent At the very begining of the trip i had my eyes closed and um in a musicians sense it was a reverb chamber and there was a central point in the middle of an hour glass but i mean i felt very powerfully being tugged along physically by alot of energies going on at the same time but the actual room itself was then sort of.. these gemotric sort of wallpapers of eyes.. sort of these inquisitive eyes.. and then the community started to built up this sort of world inside my head and as the trip was receding in the end i could feel it floating away, just gently floating away, and there was this little party, this little crowd going dit dit dit dit.. <laughter> and I was thinking WOW, it was really really beautiful..
Hey Blackclo,I see you went on a postathon.Those are very good interesting topics,but I'm gonna have to take a bit of time to read all that. peace
Quantum, yep, thought I'd beef up a few of the forum sections. :) Btw, I just found a new trip report from another forum: I loaded 50 mg DMT into a bowl on top of some the marijuana ash, held the lighter just above the crystals and watch as they melted and infused into the plant matter below. A small amount of smoke came through and I inhaled deeply. My ears began to buzz slightly and the room takes on a fine vibration. I mentally tried to prepare myself to leave this plane of existence, focusing on two things: holding the next toke in as long as I could and letting go as the molecule unlocked my mind freeing it from the chains tying it to myself my perceptions, my memories, my identity. After the exhaling a very dense, white cloud of DMT smoke, I almost immediately began rocketing upwards. Every muscle in my body had tensed with so much energy that I though I was going to explode. My senses felt completely jumbled. My last instinct was to lay down, grab a pillow and cover my eyes and ears. I wanted no distractions nothing to tie me to the world I was leaving. I could even feel the muscles in my inner ear tensing, perceived as shaking, rocky auditory sound similar to that of a rocket ship blasting off. I felt my body expanding and stretching out it was as if I was approaching the speed of light. I felt like my solid form had lost its integrity and I was existing as pure energy, massless, zipping through space. This space seemed empty in that there were no solid objects, but full with energy that created incredible kaleidoscopic and geometric images. I felt like I was approaching the end of this worm hole that I had been rocketed through. Even with a pillow covering my face, and my eyes closed, there was a brilliant shimmering light in front of me. No external sensory perception necessary, neurons firing uncontrollably. A scene started to take form. There were no faces, but the geometry, composed entirely of iridescent wire frames, bending and warping, seemed to be communicating with me, inviting me in. I felt that these creatures were waving, and dancing, conveying to me a sense of happiness and welcome. I dont remember mistaking these things for living beings, but at the time I beings didnt have the same meaning to me. These images somehow communicated with or if it doesnt qualify as communication, Ill say that they affected me deeply without any language, symbols, or conventional thought. These seemingly external geometries were transferring to me, raw emotion. No information necessarily, but emotions (all good ones love, happiness, safety, togetherness, etc.) were coming into my awareness from an external source. This was an absolutely amazing experience. I remember literally writhing in ecstasy I couldnt control myself, well at least I didnt want to. That was the first indication that I was coming down, I noticed that Id been moving, tensing every muscle in my body. The glowing forms dissipated as quickly as theyd arrived. I felt my mind come rushing back into my body. T+??? (Reflection) Id tried DMT twice before, and I tried it again later that night, but this was the DMT experience the one that defines my memory of the substance. It was a rocket ship, or rather I was one for a short time, and I was transported to a place where language is of no use and all that exists is deep, raw emotion. That was such an odd experience primarily because as humans, we cant directly communicate emotion. We can do so indirectly, but only through words, expressions, and actions. We can not take an emotion that we are feeling and make another human experience that exact emotion. The feeling of having an emotion coming from outside you is indescribable. I think I finally experienced the magic of DMT. It will take me a while to process this experience, but theres no way I can forget it. I sill dont know what to make of it.
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