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Vote For the Name of the Syrian Rue / Mimosa Mixture


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Hello, before you vote, consider the history of the question at this thread. A Name for the Rue Concoction - Hyperspace Lexicon - Welcome to the DMT-Nexus Also, consider the potential advantages of each choice, which I outline below..

- Ruemosa: It's simple, easy to say, and you know exactly which plants and which mixture is being talked about

- Harmalosa: This is probably the coolest sounding choice. The "harmal" is for the harmaline in Syrian Rue, and "osa" for mimosa.

- Haoma: This is the traditional term for Syrian Rue tea, or Syrian Rue tea with admixtures, used in its original culture. Should we call rue tea Haoma like we call B. Caapi + admixture, "Ayahuasca"?

- Mimosa-haoma Or Haomamosa: The traditional usage of Haoma, but with a mimosa prefix added.

- Ruestilis: Simple and to the point, like Ruemosa

- Juruema: A play on words. The word "rue" is slipped in to the word "Jurema" aka mimosa hostilis.

- MimoSambra: One person has suggested this name sounds good, and uses the mimosa prefix, and the sambra part describes the amber color of the drink, or the "spirit" of the drink.

- Ayaruemosa: Just a thought. It uses the "aya" (spirit) from ayahuasca, but not the "huasca" (vine) part of the word because Syrian Rue and mimosa aren't vines.

EDIT: Sorry people, I just noticed that the second choice says "Hamalosa". It's supposed to say "Harmalosa", but I don't know how to change it.
easy to remember and straightforward, tho Harmalosa sounds cool too, but its more ambiguous since harmaline is present in also other substances
p.s. love the voting system for deciding upon the name!
Eh, none really work for me. The top ones are too reminiscent of samosa. It's been called anahuasca in the past, but that certainly won't suffice.

The only decent alternative that comes to mind is Juremala, which works for me. Any part of "Syrian Rue" really doesn't need to figure into the name; "rue" has mainly just been used as pet name in the past. "Harmala" is really key here. "Mimosa" is also kind of a pet name and can apply to a vast number of plants, whereas "Jurema" is more specific and traditional.
corpus callosum said:
Hows about 'pegosa'?
I would like the name 'pegasus'. The winged horse that emerged out of the blood of medusa and can take you as far as you like...although who rides the horse with haughty intentions will get severely punished by the gods.
Seems apropriate.
I like the sound of Haoma, allthough; Does it really matter what we call it?
"A Syrian Rue + Mimosa Hostilis tea" should be a clear enough terminology.

No need for a fancy name, really.
I always just called it "ayahuasca", and then explained that it's not technically that without the vine.. But having it's own name is a good idea, so Ruemosa seems the most to the point to me out of those.. Though if there was something with an "uasca" suffix, I probably would have picked that.
with the common terminology for ayahuasca being a mixture of aya and dmt, i would consider pegahuasca to be a good name, because its very fluent to spell. so we have ayahuasca, juremahuasca, anahuasca, pharmahuasca,(bufohuasca?)... and pegahuasca. how do you think?

or tepescoharma sounds cool to. pegajurema would be a nice possibility too. :)
"with the common terminology for ayahuasca being a mixture of aya and dmt, i would consider pegahuasca to be a good name"

..why? ayahuasca is caapi with or without admixtures..there is no caapi in the rue brew being discussed here.
Just got some rue seeds so I think I'll be having some Ruemosa for the first time soon :)
So anyone have a good recipe for me? :
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