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Wakarusa 09

Migrated topic.
Id love to do that and then head over to bonnaroo
I went to the event last year and heard about people coming from AL. That would definitely be on the things-to-do-before-I-croak list.

This year would probably be the one. I've gotta see Phish :oops:
Well Im moving across country in a month and a half so with the big change I dont think i could do more then one fest. So I figure if i had to choose Id rather see Les, Buckethead, and Sphongle instead of Phish.
this lineup is fucking insane.........

wish i had the fundage to go... Eat static, Ott, Shpongle, STS9, les clayppol and buckethead! jebus titties!
pretty lights is playing? I didn't notice. The guy who writes pretty lights' music is from the same town as me. I remember when they were playing house parties! Now they're fucking big! My girlfriend and I want to hit this up so bad... jus too poor with driving costs, party supplies, tickets... ugh... this lineup is E P I C !
If I do go I got enough for tickets and supplies but I dont know If I want to drive from LA to AK. Im checking out where there is a close airport and mabey I can fly there and hitch the rest of the way.
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