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warm water extraction?

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I've tried traditional caapi/chaliponga and caapi/chacruna brews and just recently tried my 1st caapi/mimosa brew.

gelatin successfully removed the tannins but was a huge mess. i'm considering a CWE but read that they are less efficient in extracting DMT.

would warm water extract dmt into water more effectively without pulling out tannins? I know with green tea you use below-boiling water or else it will be extremely bitter.

would putting my water/mimosa infusion into a jar and suspending in a warm water bath work more effectively?

I'm also considering a Hummingbird extract but morebeer.com is out of stock on phosphoric acid. I am thinking of maybe using Sprite. it has phosphoric plus it's non-caffeinated and transparent. there's still that whole high-sugar problem though.

According to some websites it has a ph of between 3 and 4. Only problem is i'm not sure how much of this is due to the carbonation.

i guess i'll really only find out by experimenting and reporting back to you guys. I'm just looking for anyone with chemistry knowledge that would know what temperature that the dmt frees itself most effectively from the rootbark.
whenever i make tea with herbs, i boil the water, lower the fire, and then throw them in to brew. no reason this should be any different. you got some interesting theories, but if you're going to attempt new extraction methods, be sure you understand all the processes occuring, and also, limited variables.

If you're using something that contains phosphoric acid, any results you get have no value to you, or to anyone here. This will result in impurities/multiple chemical reactions/unknown reactions/ etc. etc. It's like taking all the food in your fridge, and throwing it into a blender, and trying to figure out what went wrong in making the smoothie. One variable. Post your tek before attempting it and, if its credible, you'll get everyone here wide-eyed.
If you were to perform a Hummingbird extraction, you would most likely want to boil down the volume afterwards to make things more manageable. Unfortunately if you used sprite, you would end up with an incredibly sweet brew with a syrupy texture- nasty.

Really I think you could get away with using an acid other than phosphoric for the hummingbird tek, as the chemistry supporting why phosphoric acid is superior still seems fairly theoretical. Perhaps you should try citric or acetic in a small hummingbird brew and see if it works?
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