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WARNING: Potential lethal batch of 3-MeO-PCP going around

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We have analyzed a 3-Meo-PCP batch coming from China a few days ago with the following results:

The sample of supposed 3-MeO-PCP hydrochloride was analyzed by 1H NMR in CDCl3 and D2O. It was found to contain 3% piperidine HCl, 41% PCC HCl and 56% 3-MeO-PCP HCl.

PCC is 1-(piperidin-1-yl)cyclohexane-1-carbonitrile, the most common PCP precursor, formed by reacting piperidine with cyclohexanone and cyanide under appropriate conditions.

The nitrile group is a leaving group in the next reaction step, usually a Grignard reaction. PCC can release cyanide both invivo and in vitro and has been linked to numerous PCP deaths in the past, although the amounts needed to kill are quite high. Considering the lower potency of 3-MeO-PCP (compared to PCP) and the really high amount of PCC in the given sample, the danger of fatal accidents is higher than with usual contaminated PCP batches.

We urge you all to be very carefull when researching 3-Meo-PCP! This batch was sent from a well known Chinese vendor. Some of you may not be aware, but most of the Chinese vendors that are left by now do not actually synth their products themselfes, but they buy them from big factories that supply various vendors.

It's hard to say how many such factories are operating in China, but probably only very few.

So there is no need to name the vendor, because chances are high that other vendors have also been supplying this batch already. The vendor was informed and they said they will repurify the batch. One can believe that or not. Personally I don't believe anything anymore what a chinese vendor says at this point after having listened to so much bullshit for so long already.

So people please be carefull and if your vendor can not supply an up to date NMR of his 3-Meo-PCP (which probably 95% of all vendors can not do), then rather not purchase this product! If you research 3-Meo-PCP and notice that it is much lower potency than it should be, then it is very likely that you have this specific batch in hand!

Here are the NMR files:

NMR in D2O:
NMR in CDCl3:
TLDR: A possibly large batch of 3-Meo-PCP was supplied to the market which is only around 56% pure and contains 41% of a potentially lethal impurity (PCC)!

If you research with new 3-Meo-PCP and notice that it is low potency DO NOT just take more of the supposedly impure produt because it can KILL YOU!!!

Does my “unknown chemical” contain PCC?

Take 0.1gr steel wool and dissolve in 5ml concentrated hydrochloric acid. This prepares a test reagent for cyanide. Then dissolve 0.1gr of your to be tested arylcyclohexylamine in there. Wait a few minutes. If an intense dark blue color appears (prussian blue) your sample contained a PCC like contaminant or similar cyanide contaminant. Under no circumstances should attempts be made to recover the drug, leave the tap running and pour the liquid with the stream into the sink to dispose, avoiding to breathe the air near the tube. This will put personal concerns about PCC like contamination to bed.
Wow...I am so lucky the batch I got last year was not the lethal one...

This among a mountain of other reasons is why I decided to swear off all RC's and synthetic drugs entirely over a year ago...
Unless you make it or grow it yourself, you're trusting one or more people every time. That's the real price you pay, not the money. Look at this whole thing with vaping at the moment.. when there's money to be made unfortunately not everyone gives a shit about the end user.
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