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Washing excess acid from mescaline citrate?

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SWIM did his first A/B mescaline extraction over the course of the last few days, and salted out the alkaloids with citric acid. Got a few grams, took 500 mgs, and it was inactive. SWIM figures that this is because of an excess of citric acid in the finished product, does anyone have any idea how he could wash this out?
You should have used the d-limonene tech based on vinegar. The main reason it was created was because so many people had trouble using the citric acid techs for that very same reason.
swim had the same problem... try upping the dose slowly. swim's was bad, in one attempt he took in excess of 8 grams. the only result was heartburn. either the a/b extraction with citric acid dilutes the mescaline to huge level or the cactus itself is bunk. in swim's case he blames both factors.
Hmmm. Just a thought, but would it be possible for SWIM to re-basify his citrate with sodium carbonate, pull with xylene, and re-salt with a different acid?
You can add hydrochloric acid to it as is. That will convert the mescaline citrate into mescaline HCL. There's no need to freebase it. Add a little, then mix it. If it doesn't smell like hydrochloric acid after mixing, add more until a slight smell of hydrochloric acid remains after mixing it. That way you know all the citrates converted to hydrochlorides. Then wash all the excess citric acid away with acetone. It's pretty easy. Mescaline hydrochloride is insoluble in acetone while citric acid is very soluble in it.
Swim had 1.3g of citrate after 2 pulls from 100 g of peruvian. Swim could tell there was citric acid mixed in, its kind of gooey and not white. So he washed it with ice cold water through a filter, leaving a very white powder. Hes drying the rest of the water that washed through, just in case some mesc went with it. He was left with 700mg in the end. Is this an average yield for a citrate tek? Swims going to do the other 100 g with hcl to compare.
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