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Waste disposal

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How could one dispose of an old 13.5 ph basified solution? Is it safe to pour down the sink? I know we end up drinking that stuff eventually...
It is designed to be poured down drains, there will be no ecological impact on your surrounding habitat. My friends don't pour it down their sink though, as eventually their internal plastic plumbing would desintergrate. They simply pour it down outside drains that take rain water from the roof which are made from concrete and fired earth.
Mine too. I would recomend that anyone who does this pulls the chain several times afterwards. The colour of the inky black liquid involved might otherwise leave anyone else using the bathroom afterwards suspicious that someone in the household was quite seriously ill.
Swim doesn't want to cause too much environmental damage and thinks about neutralizing the ph with vinegar before disposal. He does not own a ph meter. The remains consist of 15 parts (in ml) water, 1 part (in g) naoh and 1 part (in g) bark. How much 25% acidic vinegar (concentrate) would he need? Does 1 part vinegar per 4 parts of remains sound about right? How about 5% vinegar? 1:1?
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