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Ways to maintain our mental health

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Good day, dear members of the DMT-Nexus community.

If I have your permission, I would like to share information and experiences with you, which mainly deal with mental illness. I have been concerned with this issue for the last few years, as I have noticed how more and more relatives, friends and acquaintances suffer from depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, posttraumatic stress disorders, anxiety and panic attacks (me included). I have full understanding if someone does not want to read this long message.

It was and still is very difficult (for me) to see how people you love lose the joy of life through these "diseases". Many who do not see a way out are looking for help in psychiatric hospitals and hope for an improvement in their well-being. I am not an expert or a doctor in this field, but I have assumed that perhaps so-called "antidepressants" can help. According to the experiences I have heard and read the past months and years, many of the health conditions deteriorate after taking "Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors". Various articles, studies and reports tell of the dangers, side effects and placebo effects of these drugs.

I was desperate because I wanted to help my family, friends, and all others who needed support. So I decided to inform myself extensively about mental illnesses, talked with these people about their problems and tried to figure out the causes. I also noticed that these diseases can affect everyone - no matter what race, skin color, country, sexuality, gender, body weight and height, ability, appearance, etc.

A short time later I became aware of an internship in a psychiatry. This offer was accepted immediately, because I wanted to know how people are treated there. Unfortunately the first day was quite a shock. The patients seemed as if they were bored most of the time and only lying in bed. Doctors and psychiatrists gave various medications to just keep them quiet. Strong side effects and risks are ignored. The patients knew I was a new employee and started a conversation with me to find out who I am. Common questions like, "Where are you from?", "How old are you?", "How long are you here?". I was able to talk to them quite normally and it was also interesting to be honest. My work colleagues were not very pleased, however, and told the patients to leave me alone, although they were usual conversations, nothing bad at all.

When there were problems, people quickly got medication and in some cases were even tied up. It may sound stupid, but it was like in a horror movie where the doctors and psychiatrists are crazy, not the patients. It breaks the heart to see how these people are treated. At first I thought that this is just a negative example, but unfortunately I always read from such clinics with catastrophic and inhuman conditions.

I also came across articles that recommend a nutritional change (food rich in zinc, B vitamins, C, D3 + K2, B3, B12, A, fiber, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, clean protein, coconut oil, ghee + an additional aid dietary supplements) & physical exercise to increase well-being. Some would recommend "antidepressants", MDMA, ketamine, (strong) psychedelics (DMT, iboga, ayahuasca), nootropics (e.g., Semax or Selank) or other substances but I believe that "drugs" are not a permanent solution. Yes, a balanced and healthy diet *can* combat or "cure" both physical and mental problems, but we should not forget that there is something else in life besides eating. By this I mean:

- two or three true friends who help you even in difficult times.

- a fulfilled career that aligns with your values, passions and goals + that *really* interests you and brings pleasure, joy and fun.

- a loving family & partner who support you.

- meaning in life. Some people want to be rich, have many pretty women, beautiful cars, materialism. Others just want to be a good father or mother. I myself prefer the "selfless path" and would like to help others + be a good friend. Everyone has a different purpose in life and that is all right.

It would be interesting to know how your experiences are and whether you might share them with us. You may have a few helpful tips and advice for those who suffer from such mental illness. I would be very happy if we could talk about this topic and exchange information. Everyone can learn something new.

With best regards,
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