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Weed Edibles Psychedelic?

Migrated topic.
Marijuana in large doses has psychedelic effects. This is a fact that has been known to and used by certain sects of Hindu hermits for hundreds, possibly even thousands of years.
This was mentioned somewhere in the cannabis section of the forum. Eating cannabis brings about a more psychedelic class of experience compared to smoking in part because of metabolism.

I recently had a stiff dose of what was supposed to be CBD oil. It would appear that it has a significant percentage of THC somehow. The effects were definitely comparable with other psychedelics.
I find cannabis to be very psychedelic. Period. I am very sensitive to cannabis. Conservative doses of vaporized oils are very psychedelic and visual for me. I have to be very careful. At the psychedelic level the body load is very uncomfortable. I have only done psychedelic doses of cannabis unintentionally. I wonder if I took it, with set and setting and intention in mind if I could learn to navigate the space.

The last time I had a high (for me) dose of edibles I saw my existence in linear time and space represented as a fractal. It was very intense and I thought I had broken my mind.

I have a friend who used to like very strong green dragon and claimed to occasionally break through on high doses.

So yes. Psychedelic.
Yes, oral cannabis is very psychedelic. There is an overlap in the effects of oral cannabis and the effects of classic hallucinogens.

But in my experience, you can't realy use cannabis as a psychedelic on a very frequent basis.
The magic wears off very quickly, for me.
I've found it often tends to mimic the effects of my last proper psychedelic trip, almost as if commenting on the previous visual aspects but without the "proper" psychedelic headspace. Clarity in visual field, OEVs, etc.
I've experienced both and tbh there isn't much of a difference between smoked and oral cannabis.

Obviously the duration and onset are affected but everything else not so much. The reason why people say it's psychedelic when dosed orally is because you never know how intense is going to be. Typically it doesn't work at all or it's way too strong.

When you don't use cannabis that much, you can get way higher than enticipated even with smoking the stuff. It is seen by society as a benign plant that you smoke and at most giggle a bit and then get sleepy and hungry. It is definetly powerfull and relatively potent by weight.

Besides the mentioned effects I feel that cannabis has a mixed effect, and I would classify it as more of an intoxicant than anything other. Hear me out... it is not a upper, it doesn't "speed you up" and "get you going", it doesn't keep you awake at night and dull your apetite. There's no such thing as being spun on weed. It is not a downer, you don't just fall asleep or black out on it with no recolaction of what you did at the time of influence. It's not a hallucinogen (neither psychedelic, nor dissasociative (spelling ???), nor a deliriant). It doesn't create visuals, neither OEV nor CEV. Some visual distortions and an enhanced imagination are not considered hallucinating.

It is however powerfull, you can get high as a kite on it. It is also a very benefitial plant with many positive medicinal effects. It doesn't have much side effects, and those that it has are easily managable, and while you are high, you might not even care about it. I've yet to meet a person that smoked a joint and became an arogant asshole after it.

In conclusion... definetly not psychedelic, but still an amaizing tool. Either you like its effects and use it or you don't. Classifying a drug into a certian category doesn't make it automatically a "good drug" or a "bad drug".
The word intoxication seems to indicate that the substance is toxic and has caused alteration of perception through toxicity or near toxicity. I recently heard Kat Harrison refer to "cannabis enhancement". I like that description.

And I have to disagree with you one CEV and OEV. I have always had some degree of both from cannabis. After vaping oil one night, I was nailed to my bed with my eyes open, watching endlessly unfolding, complex and colorful mandalas. I had to keep my eyes open because when I closed my eyes the visuals were too intense and I kept edging toward ego death. Something that is far more scary with cannabis for some reason.
The first time I smoked when I was in high school, I lay on a mattress in my basement watching big blobs of purple and green come down from the ceiling and envelope my body.

And time dilation. Serious business. I think of cannabis as a psychedelic. Not an easy one to use, but psychedelic nonetheless.
i am very tolerant with ganja, and still i can deal better with an overwelmingly strong experience of ayahuasca then an overwelmingly strong experience with weed (specially edibles). Ganja can be a wild one sometimes, it allready scared me a couple of times
downwardsfromzero said:
AwesomeUsername said:
It doesn't create visuals, neither OEV nor CEV.
I, too, heartily disagree!

i second that,
my first weed chocolate was so strong it felt like i ate mushrooms. the CEV were not as powerfull as with shrooms, but it was still a lot.
i had OEV only in my peripheral vision
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