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Weekly SHE's


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Hey guys,
I don't know about most of you but I'm sure there are some people on here who partake in our sacrament nightly or several times a week.
I was wondering if anybody was interesting in getting a group together to do mini-SHE type things maybe once or twice a week.
It would be interesting to at least have people to discuss experiences with and see if there are any similarities.
We can try different music, meditation exercises, etc. Spice is sacred so please act like it.

If anybody thinks this is a bad idea also say so.
We have a couple people planning for tonight it seems... we usually do late night EST, just pop into the chat room if anybody is around.
Good question Ibeing.....

Also id like to suggest there should be a given time, like 420 for MJ. Not saying im for or against smoking it daily/nightly. And maybe a day where we should all smoke it at the same time every week(I dont know how others feel about this). But I think it would be great if, say for example, every wednesday night at 12am (just an example) people on this forum would know theres at least probably 5 other people with the same intent smoking the spice. And maybe only at the end of the week write a report revealing what days you smoked it, and if you felt other people (not spice gods) their with you. ?? What do the people think?
lonewolf123, I'm really curious actually... from a strictly scientific standpoint this would be extremely compelling to hear any kind of unison effect... SWIM would try it if he read a few successful reports, cuz SWIM seriously saves it for special occasions... but I would suggest if you do any testing, try to do it with as little suggestion as possible, also try to make the reports blind so they are only published at the same time.. I worry that one person writes a report for a thread, and that influences all the others that took part.
11:11 sounds good to me little pagoda icon, but midnight (EST) is just a better time for me..... so until somebody else jumps on board and says they would like a different time to be the standard smoke time, 12am EST will be my standard time to voyage in. Just incase anybody else is interested...
I think it's a good idea to have some exact GMT time for this event every week. Like saturdays at whatever o'clock GMT :) So when you make it you can join. If you can't then maybe some other saturday.
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