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Welcome to my Guerrilla Gardening Acacia Family.

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So just yesterday I became a member here at the DMT-Nexus. Without much to share being such a novice in this realm (both forums and hyperspace), I was a little miffed as to what I could offer to the community. With a little thought I came up with a solution.

With a fresh batch of Acacia varieties ready to move from the germination cabinet to their new home in tube pots I thought it an opportune moment to share the journey of 5 amazing Acacia varieties from seed to tree. BEWARE: This will take some years to complete :shock:


Today I commenced germinating 5 varieties of Acacia that are rumoured to contain various interesting alkaloids.

The Acacia species to be germinated are: acuminatata, colei, confusa, maidenii and obtusifolia. The seeds were acquired over the course of the last few weeks from various online suppliers and as such I am taking their word for fact that the seeds are all fresh.

I am new to germinating acacia but am aware that pre-treatment is required in order to encourage the radicle to emerge. Apparently pre-treatment simulates bush fires and seed digestion by wild life that otherwise lay dormant and impermeable. I have chosen not to nick their belly buttons or graze their skins with sandpaper but will be immersing them in just boiled water.

Using separately labeled mugs for each variety, the seeds were all deposited in their respective temporary accommodation. It occurred to me at this time to use only mugs with white bottoms. Black mugs make inspection of seed progress far too difficult. I covered all the seeds with freshly boiled tap water and left them to sit overnight.


At about the same time the next evening I checked in on the seeds to find any that had bloated. Bloating is an indication that the seed shell has been breached and is now taking on water. A good percentage of each variety had bloated. Those that had bloated were moved into a compartmentalised and airtight container lined with wet/moist cotton wool. The compartments were labeled and dated.

All non-bloated seeds were strained, returned to the their respective mugs to be retreated with fresh boiling water. This treatment will be repeated until they play my game. Any that have floated throughout treatment have been discarded as they likely are not viable.

The bloated seeds in the compartment container are covered with a box inside a cupboard to ensure they are kept in a dark and temperate environment.

Daily inspection of the contained seeds is conducted simultaneous to a good misting of water to ensure seeds still have access to ample fluids. During these checks I am looking for any seeds with a tap root (radicle) emerging from the seed shell. When this occurs I will choose 1 of each Acacia variety who look to be the biggest and strongest. These five partners in crime will form the subject of the photo journal that I plan to share with all you Nexians.


Today is the day. I spy with my little eye, 5 tiny tap roots. Time to pot. From here on in I will only document the progress of these 5. I have a site chosen that will be their final home not far from a nice spot I like to fish from time to time but for now home will be 150mm high by 60mm wide forestry tube pots. Each pot has been filled with 'Debco' brand seed raising mix. It says on the bag that it is a "SUPERIOR" mix. Nothing but the best for my babies. I have wet the potted soil through and allowed to drain but from here on plan only to water when the surface begins to look like it would be dry a few mm under than the surface.

At the surface of each pot I have made a small pit deep enough to accommodate the seed and its tap root. The hole is just deep enough to allow the head of each seed to sit just level with the soil surface. There isn’t a great deal to see in this first submission but keep an eye on this thread and enjoy my new friends with me.

I will try to get an update posted every few days. Also I’d always appreciate any input, tips and guidance throughout this project.

Peace and Enjoy.


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