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Well... dont drink absinthe and take DMT

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After a few trips into hyperspace, SWIM wanted to prolong the experience ( dont think he has broke through yet though). I know absinthe contains thujone and acts as a neurotransmitter antagonist ( namely GABA which is what is realeased when you drink). This makes you use the alcohol you have consumed to be used very efficiently. SWIM was hoping it would cause DMT to linger in the synapses as well and thus prolonging the DMT trip. Well it seemed to work too well becasue i felt nothing(thujone must have occupied all receptors DMT attaches to)! Instead of tripping i jsut got buzzed isntatnyl (same buzz you feel from absinthe). Might explain why people fast before a trip. I was wondering if anyone has drank alcohol and tried DMT? I suspect its the thujone in absinthe and not the alcohol causing the DMT to be neutralized....of course could be wrong:p
My friend said me that he heard about someone who have drink some GHB prior to smoking DMT and he reported a similar result, just a pinch of GHB 'buzz' again but no enhanced DMT effect, weakest in fact. GHB is quickly metabolize in GABA. It seems that kratom is much more effective to enhance DMT.
Yes Swim and others in the thinktank have been under moderate effect of alcohol, beer, and had no trouble with the spices activity, we are all fairly new though. Swim think just a touch of alcohol loosens one up for the ride.
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