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What are some plausible hobbies to justify home lab.

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I was thinking about what I have and what I want to get and I need to come up with a plausible story. I was thinking maybe making essential oil and perfume. Then I could justify most things. Distiller, Soxhlet, vacuum dessicator stirring hot plate ect.

Anybody else think of some other hobbies?
Being an officially certified herbalist, favorable with a product line would carry credibility I think. The rest can be smiled or ridiculed away easily.

They confiscated Alexander Shulgin's tools numerous times while he'd carried all necessary certifications nonetheless. Then he was free to ask them back. It was all about intimidation. This is what I understood of a docu about him, maybe there are nuances that I missed.
I mean they can do anything they want.
If you want to make a plausible case, i would also suggest to have nothing else in your home that might point to other interest such as books and other media on psychedelics, paraphernalia and of course unfashionable substances.
Most of my books are digital. I do have a medical MJ card in my state so that explains all the smoking and vaping stuff. If they get to the level of checking my browsing history things have gone completely off the rails. Still I am just a curious guy with lots of time on my hands I did grow up in the late 60's early 70's. Nostalgia man.
I was walking out of a store in Las Vegas and there were a couple of teen age guys walking toward me. One was wearing a hat with a big MJ leaf on it and a tie dyed t shirt. The guy with the hat says to the other guy "The cops are always hassling me man." Shocking I know, but if you are basically wearing a shirt and hat that says I am breaking the law, have broken the law and am thinking about breaking it some more stuff will happen.
After talking with the beautiful wife essential oils it is. Now I can get the vacuum distiller on order.
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