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What are the trippiest destinations?

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I've got the travel bug and ready to set my sights for open seas! I'm dying to go to Vegas, just need to find someone on a similar wavelength as me to join. What are some other places to visit that psychonauts should try to see in their current lifetimes?
Angkor Wat, Cambodia...mind blowing

Also South Island New Zealand...wide eyed beauty all over. :thumb_up:

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Salar de Uyuni. Once it gets a little water on it, it reflects the sky and the distinction between Earth and Sky becomes unclear. It is a wide salt plain and it is just... beautiful and alien.

jungleheart said:
I've got the travel bug and ready to set my sights for open seas! I'm dying to go to Vegas, just need to find someone on a similar wavelength as me to join. What are some other places to visit that psychonauts should try to see in their current lifetimes?

I would suggest that you see the surrounding area as much as you can. Vegas is neat I guess, but it was not really as great as it's made out to be IME..but the surrounding area is just really insane. Especially the Grand canyon. If you go to Vegas, make sure to see the grand canyon.
I stayed one night in Vegas during a long solo weed smoking and LSD dropping roadtrip out west a couple years ago. Was prolly my least favorite place.[Downtown Detroit or St. Louis was 2nd]

All that desperation, desire, and glitz is no good for the soul. I could feel it creeping on me and I left as soon as I was rested up and ready to drive.

The best part of that roadtrip were the natural sights.

Grand Canyon, The Badlands, San Francisco Bay Area [tons of pelicans], Big Sur, Yellowstone Geysers, forests, and lakes, The Rocky Mountains. All were worth seeing.

I think a tie between the Badlands and Big Sur for my favorite. Looking out over the Badlands is a truly alien landscape. Big Sur just had soooo much beauty and peace.
yeah tbh I am not a fan of vegas..that's putting it nice. I got out of that city the same day I arrived and just took off towards the grand canyon and other spots..which are amazing.

Hell I enjoy flagstaff way more than vegas. Flagstaff was cool..though I really cant figure out why.
imo red rock canyon just outside of vegas is definitely worth visiting.
other than that the food is good at vegas, but i can't think of really anything else worthwhile (unless you are a fan of hookers and/or slowly throwing your money away for "free" drinks)
vermillion cliffs when tripping= awesome

In arizona north of grand canyon
I've been to Vegas and AZ before, I loved the dry heat and the artistic aesthetic. Vegas might be better for ladies, because you get into clubs and drink for free. I mostly want to take acid and walk around the strip and meet crazy people. Maybe I'm just foolish, but HST is my role model and this is probably a bucket list trip for me once I can find someone to join. Flight and hotel is $400ish for 3 nights.
Yeah ive heard great things about angkor wat, never been and live not far from it, been to phnom penh and the temples are pretty stunning could imagine angkor wat being pretty special. Also cyanescenes grow there lol May visit it next year, definately will one day. And id love to join you in vegas jungleheart sounds great lol
The mysterious Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks are balancing rock formations on Brimham Moor in North Yorkshire, England. The rocks stand at a height of nearly 30 metres ... part of the Nidderdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

brimham rocks - Google Search

If you go between end of June and before the first Autumn frosts you should be able to find Liberty Cap magic mushrooms growing round about.


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BOOM festival is probably the most trippy place I've been to.

Also try scuba diving in tropical waters. It feels like visiting another dimension built with a different set of physics, sounds, creatures and what not.

And if in SE Asia, check out Laos!! Although Angkor Wat is amazing and humongous, it's ruins. In Laos there are a huge amount of temples, and these are kept in shape and are still in use. Many of them feel like stepping into a DMT trip with an endless amount of Buddhas in it.

I would not choose to trip in Vegas. It is a spectacular piece of American culture but I thought I'd go crazy after a few days there. It is not a healthy place. At least not the strip.
I despise Las Vegas in the southwest there are a lot of other cool places. I really suggest Sedona, its absolutely beautiful and the energy there is palpable. Another place I really like is the central Colorado Rockies, like Mount Elbert and Mount Massive. The porcupine mountains in northern michigan are also really cool.

I don't find that many man made structures even architectural wonders seem to hold water in comparison to the natural wonders, like rivers, mountains, oceans, and stars. Although I do appreciate places that are built with cooperation with the earth in mind.
The slot canyons of S.E. Utah are hands down the best destination for a psychonaut to go.

Canyons, some almost 100 feet deep carved into the sandstone that can be only 2ft wide. Everything made of cream coloured swirls and waves of colour and light.

Never have I been to such a jaw-droppingly beautiful locale.


Blessings and happy travels
^^ these are awesome I have been somewhere similar not quite as dramatic.


havasu falls are amazing and the water in the late summer is really high in magnesium so it is very healing, and after the ten mile hike to get there its perfect.
There is a place in cuenca, Spain, with huge stone mushroom formations. Maybe not the trippiest place, but definitely sets the mood for a mushroom trip.


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