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what are your musical guilty pleasures?

Migrated topic.
Have no guilt in tears for fears. They're awesome through and through.

I never understood the expression really. I generally like what I like and do so without a care. Maybe if I was into Lost prophets? But I'm not. Saw them at a festy in early 00's and thought they sucked.
If we talk about "new" Opeth there is nothing wrong in it... still i would wait for second date to introduce someone to progressive rock ;)

My gf still hates me for introducing her to Hanson - MMMBop
When I was a kid I had this friend who always had weed but the price you'd pay to smoke with him was to have to watch him flip to the Disco Radio Station once you were stoned. One night I was paralyzed on weed and this song came on and the refrain (basically 2:20 onward) seemed like an Epic Hundred Year Odyssey. After that I never could hate it again.

always been a fan of her style/art, like the music too




and for the finale (btw these lyrics are complete shyte, though everything else makes for good dancin)

Most of Gwen Stefani's songs as part of No Doubt. It's mostly my mother's fault for repeatedly playing these songs when I was young, which has made them nostalgic to me.

Also other 90s/00s acts like Sheryl Crow, Puddle of Mudd, Seether... But most of my adoration for this kind of music is due to nostalgia rather than agreeing with the messages or respecting its artistry.
Madonna: Immaculate collection. Not even guilty about it :lol:
Then basically lots of 80s power ballads, especially Bonnie Tyler - Total eclipse of the heart.

Wolfnipple, that is a great track, just played it and then followed on to Donna Summer - I feel love. It's all going a bit disco here at the moment :thumb_up:
Simon and Garfunkel! They are very trippy, incredibly talented singers and storytellers! Absolutely stellar for tripping! Corny? You bet! They sing in other languages too:


The Bee Gees! All day, every day! It is hard to go wrong with the Bee Gees:


Hall and Oates!


Frank Sinatra! I love this style of music. Soothing and refreshing!


My love for these artists far outweighs any guilt! hehehe!
wow tatt, this grimes lady...if someone would ask me to describe the taste of dr pepper in music, i would probably let them listen to her. :lol:

Another one of me is empire of the sun.
If grimes is dr pepper, then empire of the sun would probably be fanta cherry.
A good friend of mine is a sound engineer and his spin on music is simple. If it sounds good to you, then it is good. Since I rarely feel guilt over something I shouldn't feel guilty about, I searched for the closest thing to a musical guilty pleasure I could think of. One came to mind. The frikkin Partridge Family. Like Mike Myers says when he played the lovable Linda doing her "Coffee Talk" on Saturday Night Live. "The Partridge Family were neither partridges or a family. Discuss."

The song I've chosen is called, I Can Feel Your Heartbeat.

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