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What Causes Vivid Dreams?

Migrated topic.
when i take melatonin i am prone to having vivid dreams me thinks its something to do with brain chemistry (go figure) but knowing that melatonin is a tryptamine i dunno just makes it feel special to take it lol
Traumatic situations will also cause some of the most intense dreams you will experience. Both times I went to prison the first week there I had some of the most vivid and intense dreams I have ever had.
hmmm it comes to mind that IMO dreams are representations of our daily lives
i too have noticed an increase of vivid dreams in emotionally trying times.. perhaps its a biological response to stress. i think its gotta be some chemical being released, spice perhaps. who knows for sure (someone may, but i dont)

sometimes i like to think that when we go to sleep we dont simply lay there and dream.... as much as we wake up on the other side... the body sleeps and the mind plays
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