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What does the venom of Bufo bufo contain?

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MagikVenom said:
69ron said:
liquid oozing out as you squeeze and milk it...the milking process sounds like some sort of sexual act. :lol:

There is actual a debate over weather or not the male toad is tripping wile the toads mate as they swim aroud for some time with the male locked in place on top of the egg laying female. The male fertilizes the eggs as they are laid. Theres some toad sex stories.

And do I realy have to say it kids dont have sex with toads its dangerous. We are going to feel real bad if we start some moronic toad fuckin craze that will sweep the nation.:lol:

maybe we should have The Traveler delete this thread for the sake of humanity. do we realy want the blood on our hands from this possible toad fucking craze. and besides its not politicaly correct why cant the females trip the males always have all the fun...

watch out for mop:lol:

I can't stop laughing. :lol:
To the topic:

(...) Serotonine is an neurotransmitter, which appears naturally in brain of the mammals including human, and what is very interesting, also in the venom of some of toads (Bufo spp.). (...)

(...) In the species A. peregrina and A. Colubrina ranges in big amount as well bufotenine (5-hydroxy-N,N-dimethyltryptamine), and for some time dominated hypothesis, that functioning of the snuffing mixture from the plant Anadenanthera on the central nervous system causes above all this alcaloid, which those fabaceous plants share with toad (Bufo spp.). (...)

In: Peter T. Furst, Hallucinogens and culture, Chandler & Sharp Publishers, Inc. 1976.
Kannamate said:
oh I didn't know they only oozed I thought they sprayed predators,or something that would be inconvenient. I think nobody probably experimented until people probably got poisoned and lived(how deadly is the poison in it's pure form anyway will it kill a human easily?) not knowing what it was and tripped off of it then decided to smoke it just a hypothesis.

I am just guessing but the equivelent of 100mg dry venom would most certanly kill a adult human if it gets in contact with open wound in the mouth or mucus membranes. You would die VERY fast from the extreamly toxic cardiac glucides. The pain in your chest and heart would be so extreme you most likely would not even feel the 5meo and bufotiene.
Some folks have extracted tryptamines from toad skins to convert them to active tryptamines. But this is foolish in my opinion because the same tryptamines toads produce are also found in plants WITHOUT the cardiac glucides heart toxins.

M.V. I guess my form handle is out of the bag. I am not a evil drug using occultist but a friendly helpful agnostic who has great reguard for science as well as mystical teaching. I do not beleive anything until it is proven but I wont dismiss speculation until it has been proven to be wrong.
Just like to add, in the sixties in Oz a couple of toad lickers just licke a wrong toad and felt really bad. So psychonauts, be
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