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What Happened To The Teks?

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If memory serves, there were, once upon a time, a handful of grocery store, foodsafe Teks around the Nexus (the Hippy Oil Salad Tek and the Poor Man's Tek spring to mind) that seem to have vanished.

The first post of the Poor Man's Tek, that outlines the recipe, just doesn't exist anymore (although the rest of the topic is there), and the Hippy Oil Salad Tek, which I vividly remember garnered a lot of interest, has just vanished.

Did it turn out there was something wrong with those Teks and they were deleted for safety's sake, or is it a technical problem with The Nexus or what?

If you search for Hippy Oil Salad Tek in Google, it will give you a link to The Nexus (Hippy Oil Salad Tek 2.0), however, if you click it, it gives you an error message and reroutes you back to the main forum.

i also inquired about this last night. i even had the hippy salad tek bookmarked. must have all been a very elaborate, moderately pointless hoax.
I think it must be a glitch. It tells me I have passed an invalid value or something like that..I have had it do that at times with other threads in the past. If it is a hoax, I was not aware. I seriously doubt it.
the hoax was more of a joke i think. what i find odd is that i find a lot of posts referring to 'spicemans' tek, i think the name was, the original thread turns up, but the original post does not.
ah, my bad. i meant that when i posted that i thought these teks were an elaborate hoax, it was just a joke on my part.

i hope its just a glitch, i'm looking to try my first extraction using materials found in the eco-friendly sub forum, using oil instead of limonene. i've been taking a lot of notes because i'm a complete dolt when it comes to chemistry, but some really key threads seem to have gone missing.

this is the thread i was referencing,

and the hippy tek gets redirected.
I was posting on a seemingly mundane/unimportant thread the other day and when I went back to post again it said "access denied". Lol.
benzyme said:
grand conspiracy perpetuated by oligopolies, petroleum refining conglomerates.

This ^ :p

I cannot speak for the poor mans/spicemans tek.

Upon the results of evaluation from a real chemist I made the conscious decision to delete my tek(s), they were pretty redundant anyway. Technically they are not my intellectual property anymore as of first posting on the nexus and Trav has every right to undelete them if he sees fit. I do hope he will respect my decision and let them die though.

Just follow q21q21 tek replacing the word limonine with vegetable oil.
It's great to see the way the eco-teks been catching on. I mean, who uses naptha anymore? That's so 1999, get with it already. Seriously, everybody whose been experimenting to come up with this stuff, thank you fellas, thank you.

Now we just need to grow our own plants.

Personally, I just want to give mama Gaia a big hug and from now on only receive the spice from her in the most gentle and appreciative manner.
Reviving this thread, as its really hard to find oil teks on dmt-nexus and it makes one a bit a nervous trying it out given the wealth of expertise here but lack of write-up.

* Poormans Tek - Original post removed. Can only find text on shroomery

* Hippie Salad Oil Tek Link copied from another thread. Cant find this anywhere, even on the way back machine.

There are a bunch of question threads and a lot can be gathered from posts by jamie and dreamer042, which are really helpful and super appreciated.

Personally, I'm 80% sure about the steps I want to take, basically blab but with sodium carbonate instead of lye (to avoid saponification) and veggie oil.

I want to do this instead of the great but unfortunately labor/energy intensive ethanol extraction tek. Its labor intensive because the dried MHRB + sodium carbonate must be ground and energy intensive because I need to use an oven fan or all evap steps, even the ethanol one, because its so humid where I live and the ethanol quickly becomes water and water does not evap at all (I'm talking over 2 weeks for a shallow amount of water to evaporate, by which time its picked up a lot of dirt).

So in summary, it would be great to know--if anyone does--if the oil teks have major issues and therefore disappeared and no further ones have been written up (they are dead ends) or if its just personal situations.

Or perhaps there was too much non-serious interest in doing such extractions and the questions became too much?? :roll:

I know there is some repetition here and dreamer042 has explained why he removed his tek, I just thought given the amount of time that has passed that it merited being brought up again, just in case.
Seems the advice would be to try this:
dreamer042 said:
Just follow q21q21 tek replacing the word limonine with vegetable oil.

Using oil/fat with a moderately high melting point - coconut oil, ghee, or even lard if that's all you have, would facilitate phase separation in the vinegar washes.
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