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What in the hell?

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This is scary. Whats the truth here? http://www.vancourier.com/news/new-powerful-concoction-of-drugs-reportedly-found-in-the-downtown-eastside-

A terrifying new blend of drugs has shown up in the Downtown Eastside that resembles a mix of heroin and the extremely powerful psychedelic substance known as DMT.

Harm-reduction advocates and front-line addiction workers began seeing the highly-potent mix show up only within the last week.

The concoction is ingested intravenously, though what the exact contents are is unclear. The powder that accompanies the heroin appears to be grey in colour...

The article speaks of people experiencing 25 minutes of DMT like symtoms and then
From there, an overdose attributed to heroin can kick in.

“When they come out of it, they’re still super emotional and crying,” she said. “But before that time, there are no signs of the overdose, which is really strange.”
...but I'm not sure if they are talking about a potentially fatal OD, I think the article means a "medical OD", in which if a person is high, basically, it's called an OD.

This is weird, almost as if someone is making 'death pills' for junkies...
What exactly are "DMT-like symptoms"?

“For about 25 minutes, they experience delusions, crying and a complete disassociation from reality,” she said. “Often times they’ll be hiding under tables, really anxious and paranoid about cameras and going through really vivid hallucinations.”

That doesn't really sound like DMT to me?

Very weird indeed :surprised
Could equally be due to kappa opioid agonism, by the sounds of it.

Has anyone tried analysing a sample yet? Will it turn out to be 101% pure horses**t?
ah dude, these reports are everywhere, last time it was DMT mixed with Methamphetamine, which was pure horseshit, the mentality of these people is just like 8 year olds, they fabricate whatever their mind allows them to and literally do not understand they are "lying", because they think they can say whatever they want and it won't affect them, which is true.

in my country its the common theme to report "100 kilos of the extremely addictive narcotic "grass" has been found by the drug department" and then they show bags of crystal meth WITH "METHAMPHETAMINE" LABELED ON IT!.

they wrote an article here in iran showing an X pill saying that its magic mushrooms and the active ingredient in it is LSD :?
so im not really sure if this is just a huge trolling event or someting:thumb_dow
to hell with it, who needs it
It's certainly a good reminder to be wary of your information sources. I so seldom use mainstream media that it's something of a shock to see the tripe they consistently pump out.

Getting further off-topic, it would be very interesting to hear your accounts/translation of the situation/media coverage in Iran, espahbodforghani.
coverage about stuff like DMT?
they were ranting about DMT like once or twice if i remember correctly, they were propagating that, DMT is a very destructive drug to the brain that young people use to have spiritual experiences, and the experiences are caused by the brain's destruction, also mentioning that DMT is a "strong narcotic thats smoked in a meth pipe"
iran had a media war with mdma few years ago when it was coming in loads, first it started with describing it as a roofie drug that "boys would use on girls" but since in iran the religious atmosphere makes it so that if you're in a party its your fault to be roofied, that didn't work.
so later on they started saying that mdma is very dangerous and people who take it once are hooked, and usually die very soon, altho each time they tried to explain what it does it was just a load of horseshit, because they cant say "it makes you feel nice", also its an emphatogen, what people don't know about iran is its a country thirsty for love, men and women are separated from the age 7 and they grow up believing the other is an alien race, and when they get together finally, usually in college, they have no idea how to treat each other, so its a continuous cycle of drama, cheating, just destroying each other until they learn, so introducing a drug that lets you be open to people is like a miracle working clockwork lubricant
they don't know what acid is tho, they say that people mix meth crack and acid in a pipe and the acid is why their teeth goes to hell, but thats just their propaganda and under that veil they know whats going on with these things, iran's central intelligence even started distributing mushrooms in the country and one of the people who is cultivating it in loads is an agent, interestingly its been going on for almost 5 years now and no one has done anything about it, seems like the ultimate goal is to confuse people from the inside, i can swear by whatever you want that all this guy has been saying to people is pure BS, considering like 1 dried gram of cubensis a strong dose, making people have self-masturbatory ideas of ego death so everyone just eats a gram and comes down like "oh damn man my ego was smashed" :?
we're doing what we can, and in the last 2 years its done a good number to get people out of that circle jerk, good thing about it is once you're out you're out, its still not comforting seeing teenagers and adults alike fall into these traps, but hey no worries, it'll all fall into place eventually
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