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What is the root of humanity's problems in your opinion?

Migrated topic.
murklan said:
Sorry. I'm just to lazy (and/or dyslectic) to re-read my own posts. It should have been:
"A big part of the question is also by how big part of how we are, think and behave is socially transferred and how big part is in our DNA?"
oh i see what you are saying now! "how big of a part". sorry i completely misunderstood haha. text can be hard work for me sometimes!

i agree. some say we are 'savage' by nature, but i think we are peaceful by nature and the 'savage' tendencies are trained into us by our surroundings. i can only experience my own life though, so realistically i can never know for sure.
some great food for thought here. i wish there was enough space on the server to get into detail with all of it :d
one day we will look back and laugh at how simple all this stuff is to understand. if we make it, that is.
The root cause of all suffering is the illusion of separation. Man disconnecting himself from nature severs the connection to spirit of man and taking matters into his own hands trying to do and create "better" than what's already a divine intelligence/divine magnificence in itself. Its going against the flow and ways of nature and the natural order of the universe that are the root causes of humanities downfall. Only when people live one with nature, we thrive and rise up again. On a positive note, humanity is returning.
This is a really good question and topic.
The biggest problem imo is that too less people actually think about this question.
But what is the cause?

Do they maybe not want to think about it?
Living confidentially in their bubbles?
Or being paralyzed by their own problems, leaving no energy behind to think about this?

While all of that may be true and probably reasonable, i think the biggest cause is the mindset.
I bet too many people think that they cannot cause any impact as a single individual being.
This sort of mindset is sort of toxic imo and could infect or spread to other peoples mindsets.

I think everyone has different opinions about humanity problems.
It is not possible to change everything form one day to another.
We can start small, be aware and spread this mindset as this topic does.

Just a small example:
Thrash is a big problem and depending on the humanity it can get catastrophically or manageable.
If someone thinks "we are already anyway fucked" and spreads this behavior then the result could get catastrophically.
Imagine every human being not separating the thrash anymore.
Then imagine everyone would separate the thrash.

I dont want to act innocent. This is an example.
No one is perfect and I have been throwing also a plastic bottle in the general thrash can sometimes.
No one is perfect but we can try to create impact even whit this small behaviors whenever possible.

Share knowledge and mindset!
In almost all areas that count has always been true down through all of time males have almost all the power. Males are suffused with testosterone and raised in a way that is not right. They receive the wrong values. Many embrace greed, self-centeredness, laziness, mendacity and hypocrisy. All this while claiming they are self-made men.

Many of them do transcend this and manage to embrace a more feminine way of service, nurturance, caring, concern for the future. But sadly the great majority and those who hold power and specialize in shirking duty do not.

This has worked for hundreds of thousands of years because this planet is in a Goldilocks zone and filled with what appeared to be infinite usable resources.

But sadly we are at an endgame of all this radically over masculinized culture. And now populations are higher than ever before, resources are becoming fairly scarce and the environment is starting to degrade at a precipitous rate.

The solution is something that males fear more than anything. And that is equity. It is giving females power, giving females equal pay for equal work, giving females respect, embracing a feminine attitude towards leadership. Select girls for apprenticeships and journeyman positions, MENTOR girls. Tell girls they are intelligent not that they are pretty.

But again since those who fear the real solution more than anything have the power I expect zero change.
Proclus’ analysis in his On the Existence of Evils always stuck with me.

First, evils are plural. That part is important. Second: evils exist parasitically, not substantially. They only have existence to the extent that there is a host of good to parasitize on. Their pluralism is reflective of the numerous dimensions of privation that may afflict a simply unified being. Finally: they have no ultimate explanation. That which is good is that which has reason. Evils, by definition, are without reason - and therefore they have no explanation. There is, so to speak, “nothing to be said for evil”, as in, nothing to explain them, because to explain them in any ultimate sense is to justify them by giving them depth. They are like Hannah Arendt’s analysis: they are banal, thoughtless, less a radical reality and more like a mould, a surface phenomenon without depth; superficial. Evils are hubris (outrage) in that they are without reason. To try to account for them is to miss that point…

That could open up a whole can of worms for discussion and contest, but that account (or rather lack thereof) has always stuck with me. There is a certain pessimism there, too, which I also find useful. It guards against believing there is any final solution. The impulse for final solutions has had very dark consequences historically.
I have to admit first that I didn't read all the responses but feel compelled to share my answer because clearly I think very highly of my own opinion. </s>

The root cause of all problems is ignorance. My good friend Patanjali said, "ignorance is the source of the other [obstacles to enlightenment]." Ignorance is "regarding the impermanent as permanent, the impure as pure, the painful as pleasant, and the non self as Self."

I think this can be applied both inward out and outward in. On the one hand, ignorance causes people to act in ways that produce the myriad societal problems. On the other hand, our own personal ignorance causes us to perceive things as problematic. From the enlightened perspective there are no problems; instead our own personal ignorance causes us to perceive things that exist in the world as problems.

Put another way, the universe is as it is. The problem is perceiving any aspect of existence as "wrong."
endlessness said:
Do you recognize any common root to the problems that plague society, such as extreme wealth inequality, wars, extremist politics, climate change/pollution, consumerism, etc?

What do you think is our best best at solving these problems?

I personally have a hypothesis I feel strongly about but I'd rather read some answers first before posting my opinion :)

Money is not the issue. Money is used to keep score of your contributions to society. How much you made should tell the individual how much they have contributed to the whole and here are the rewards. When it gets taken advantage of, and a false system is installed to tip the scale in a fews favor, there's a problem. Coupled with greed and the need for control, its like an addiction, the need for more, more money, more control, more more more.. Greed is the problem, not money, and these people need to be taken care of, because its affecting the rest of us.. The current events are showing that if you do end up becoming greedy, there are repercussions. Shits about to hit the fan.. The ones who are waiting to pull the trigger on all of this are waiting for the perfect opportunity to rip the rug right out from underneath them. The one thing with power and control, you can tell who the evil ones are by how bad they want both, also threes a target on your back by those others that want what you have. The power and control. I stay out of it, I have enough problems. But when those problems reach home and everyone else there's a bigger problem for them, and I won't tolerate it.
I think we are doing exactly what was intended and it could be pure arrogance to assume anything but this story is the plan
"Asymmetric post-symbiotic reversion to type" would be the technical term. Aka species wide neuro-degenderation.
Virtually every ancient culture regarded their ancestors as more advanced in terms of consciousness, and in many cases left extensive details on humanities progressive slide into delusion, coupled with various treatments (plant medicine, natural diet, yoga, meditationn endless "living resurrection" traditions etc). The modern scientific data is surprisingly solid.

Voidmatrix said:
Is it possible that the "roots" are our very nature?

Is it possible the "roots" have more than one source (changing the analogy from botanic to fungal)?

One love
Yeah, i also think it's our nature.

Consider this: if we would not have the ability to be agressive, to be paranoid, to be unfriendly in a variety of ways, it would only take one single bad apple to ruin a community.

You can see this on social media. Without moderation, it takes only one troll to spoil everybody's fun.

Animals that don't retaliate are prey to all the other creatures of the jungle, that's how nature works. So we need to have a dark side. Without it we wouldn't last.

So there you have it: You can take the man out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the man.
"when the economy stopped being social tissue it marked the beginning of a fundamental break with nature. This happened because of the profound distiction that was made between moral and matirial values, which form a natural unity. In a way, this severence cultivated the seeds of bad metaphysics. By leaving the material without spirit and the spiritual without matter, the path was being paved for the most confusing dichotomy encountered in the history of thought. Throughtout the history of civilization, the bogus distictions and discussions that have divided every aspect of life into either materialism or morality have destroyed ecology and free life. The concept of inanimate matter and an inanimate universe, combined with an incomprehensible spiritualism, are occupying and colonizing the human mind'."

-abdullah ocalan

I would add, that ime, the mind-matter duality is the modern secular version of the same.
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