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Migrated topic.


It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to
Didnt know where to post this folks but compelled to share.

Stumbled upon a very special kind of crazy on the YouTube.

The Freakbean has returned with gifts from hyperspace. Not many things in the physical world that are reminiscent of the spice flash but this is close. Enjoy:surprised

Wow...lol wut...?!

Seems like parts of this were designed for those little segments between shows on adult swim...



Intriguing nonetheless!
:) Always keep a diamond in your mind:shock:

universecannon said:
That's nuts :d

I remember seeing their animations in some parts of this video


Dan Deacon clip is awesome, I seen it recently when it was posted on another thread.

Also worth checking out Koko's Shaman Economics. I watched it a few times.:surprised pretty sure some of the images at the beginning followed me into hyperspace.:lol:

I knew some of this stuff seemed familiar. After watching a few videos I saw one that pieced it together. Some of kokofreakbean`s video projects do play on adult swim :thumb_up:
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